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  1. whoa whoa whoa Is this what I think it is? A light sensor that auto enables headlights on a 850?!
  2. I love how OP's avatar is the CD cover of the Hitman: Contracts Soundtrack. Fukken love that game.
  3. God that large garage is so rad. Shuddering is driveline windup from the wrong tires on each axle.
  4. Maybe one day i'll own the real life version of this 300 mph twin turbocharged super station wagon:
  5. Title. AWD badge should be one from the 850 AWD.
  6. Johan hasn't been on since April.
  7. What about ignition and boost maps though?
  8. Installed VIDA 2012D in a Win7 VM but of course I need a VIN and stuff like that to even look up parts diagrams. Thanks for nothing, VCC.
  9. Let me install VIDA on my CF-19 real quick and i'll pull up the part number.
  10. Can't get these in Europe unfortunately
  11. What rims are you running? Those definitely aren't OEM Volvo but damn those look awesome.
  12. Do aftermarket ECUs like MegaSquirt have a option to run more than one fuel/timing map? I had this genius idea of implementing a button that allows me to switch from low power to high power map. A bit like the Pursuit Mode button KITT has I guess lol, which is also where said idea came from. cc: @Simply Volvosince he runs a MegaSquirt in basically what I want to build one day: 750 hp 850 TT5/R AWD
  13. I specially registered to VS just to say HOLY SHlT MATT, YOUR 850 IS INSANE! I LOVE IT! Wish SV would return but life > fun stuff unfortunately