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  1. handling wise definitely street racing it, well drag racing it, its a given. boxster is a joke when it comes to that. but then again its not made to be a car of tht nature, so as long as u know that b4 u commit to buying one ure good.
  2. hahaha too funny. i have no need for any kind of trunk space, i dont know what you use your car for, but i never needed back seat or the trunk on daily bases
  3. i used o well, u drive what you like man
  4. well i definitely want some new wheels...but as of now i spent a lot of money for just getting the car, so well see what happens down the road
  5. sold it. if the boxster has been sitting more than a week or so they smoke a little after first turning it on, maybe thats what you saw, dont know. but ever since they came out i wanted one, and now i finally have it, with the expencive painted to match hardtop. upgrades will come as more $ accumulates, these parts are not cheap compared to suby and other makes. cheers
  6. thats my car, it comes with porsche brakes :)
  7. just picked up techart gauges, shift knob,E handle, upgraded 17in wheels......thats all for now
  8. yea, i saw them on a subaru forum. too bad the guy that owns it is ashamed of it
  9. if someone posted pics of my car i wouldnt be ashamed of it. sux for u that u feel that way man
  10. paint the middle black and call it a day looks good otherwise, maybe a drop?
  11. nice, i jsut dont like the big can on that one car, reminds me of the can that was in the fast and furious on that mustang, just looks wrong on the car