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  1. that convertible looks sick... just curious, how much room was left on the coilovers to go lower, front & rear?
  2. yeah...if ur one of the ppl who's waiting to get their turbo or $ back... and to think or it, they probably have his contact info...they just cant reach him...

    HEICO S70

    HEICO S70
  4. WOW...I'm impressed with all the upgrades...looks really good...and I love that the preview option is back...

    Eriks 850

    looks very good... I would just change the smoked corners, and the color of the fogs...
  6. Yeah, I so happened to turn on the SPEED channel, and caught the start of the race, but I couldn't stay to watch more than 5 minutes of it...sucks...I wonder if the whole race can be seen online...
  7. I voted: #2 But imho, 2nd best was: #9
  8. +1 Hopefully soon I'll have a shop like, except it won't be attached or near to my house... btw, don't the projects get overwhelming at times...
  9. Damn, why is always at the wrong time for me....Chuck if you can accept it on monday...I'll paypal you the $40... I'm outta town...don't have my debit card on me to check my chk.acct. balance... Let me know...
  10. it actually is helpful, especially when it comes to a project thread... but most ppl probably won't use this anyway...
  11. I know I'm a bit late...but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my VS ppl...wish you all the best for you, your family, and your cars...
  12. Note to self:

    Need to buy...

    UR Pulley -$145

    MBC -

    Tom's Endlinks - $100

    Orange Injectors - $10

    Cupholder - $10

    Fan style Nozzles - $15

    SharpHID 50w 6K H7 Kit - $180

    Lifetime Membership - $40

    P2 Side Markers -

    NA TB -

    NA Cams -

    Tuner Lug Bolts -

    Trunk Lid Shocks - $50<

  13. Damn, I want that lifetime membership...unfortunately, a lot of christmas gifts need to be purchased in a few days...and since I recently got out of debt...I'm not going back to my old ways of spending what I don't have... btw...did u know: In Sept. '07 Congress had to raise the federal debt limit from $8.965 trillion to almost $10 trillion...why? Simple...America (not only it's ppl, but it's gov't) lives on credit
  14. +1 Congrats bro...keep doing what you're doing... btw, nice pic in eurotuner...
  15. Just a suggestion...this holiday deal should be brought back around Christmas time...

    Project Pras

    MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Make sure the people/place in charge of doing work on your car (or whatever you own) are reputable and responsible for whatever happens. Also time constraints need to be placed and followed or you should get every penny back...even if they've done some of the work...
  17. Ur not the only one, can't wait to see what type of numbers this beast puts out after the install...
  18. Good Job Guys...every seems to be up and running...no we just need to make sure this doesn't happen again...lol
  19. WHAT THE F*#K... Sorry for being late...but I just got the news...Darn, you need 2 be more careful... It's gonna cost u... :(