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  1. Thanks for the compliment Chuck. We do try to be a company that I would like to deal with. And I try to get the employees to see it that way too. Most of the do.
  2. The hoses are actually radiator hoses, not turbo hoses. Cngrats to the winners.
  3. Thought that was for a different magazine.
  4. In the December issue of Turbo Magazine there is a write up of the start of their new project car. A 1994 850 Turbo. The magazine bought the car for $600 and have so far not done too much to it. Bilstein shocks H&R Springs Rear Main Seal Plugs and Wires Coming next issue they say: New Paint Wheels Sway Bars Sure there will be more, thought some would find it interesting.
  5. Can not say that is true or not, scientifically speaking. But we have had many similar comments and reactions. Very happy to hear they are an improvement.
  6. Car looks nice. Remember when you are ready for silcone vacuum, turbo and or radiator hoses, VS members get a 10% discount.
  7. Yes, The TB hose was redesigned and now fits very good. Still a good tigth fit, but goes on with little effort. Sig
  8. Looking very nice! Can't wait to see the finished project.
  9. Nice! Good Luck with your efforts. Should be ok.
  10. Link does not seem to work. Just sits there and says connecting.
  11. Got mine. Both the Shirts and Decals very nice.
  12. There are several write ups on here already: But another one would be great! What do you say boostjunkie? Sig
  13. Congrats to Boostjunkie, winner of a StylinKit for his 855. We will be sending him a StylinKit for the 850's in StylinBlack on Monday. Congrats again. And better luck next time to the rest of you. Sig StylinMotors Inc.