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  1. Had mine in for 2 weeks with no code...however the same can't be said for 2 evap codes that are now keeping me from getting inspected GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  2. been driving for 2 days so far, I know i've never removed the relay in the box under the hood, i'll have to check and see if #18 is still there, but the code hasn't come back yet. Soldering the diode is the easiest part of the entire SAS delete. Taking the air pump and associated parts will be harder and consume way more time.
  3. I threw away my SAS parts like 3 years ago, can someone post pics or a VADIS diagram of the relay and solenoid? I already soldered the diode and reread the thread and realized I need to have those parts connected for this to work.
  4. 3.2's are the J series motors out of 00ish body accord/tl/cl/odessy vans
  5. Godzilla went and got some ninja training and shit...It's not like GT-R's are sleepers, but getting drug by a 9.3 second, uncaged, full interior, heavy weight street car is pretty damn sleeper. Nice to see John Shepherd back in action again too.
  6. shut it...ther's only room for 1 drukn asian in these pats!! :lol:
  7. 2JZ powered XB :ph34r:
  8. Well it involved seattle PD too... They're just trying to turn it into a witch hunt that's all. One day I'd like to see all the crying if all the cops go on strike one day and refuse to protect or help any of these ignorant pussies around that claim that cops don't do anything good and only harass people. The lack of respect for police when you go and break the law is astounding.
  9. He was trying to avoid hurting her. If it was a man he would have been taken down hard and fast with a knee to the back of the neck. He was barely applying pressure to the arm lock which he should have. But having no back up and a growing group of rowdy teen on lookers can be a very frightening situation and he handle himself well, although back up should have been radioed in immediately. Since when do you get to decide if you're gonna be arrested or not?
  10. My HD2 don't need a mobile version...I can view normal VS clearly without issues iphone'ers
  11. And that's why there needs to be training, training, training. That officer had absolutely no control of the situation and didn't follow proper protocol. I felt sick to my stomach watching that. Hearing a man die because he was afraid to take the life of a sack of shit. His weapon should have been drawn way earlier and his shots should have been center body mass and taken from proper cover. That guy should be dead, not the other way around.