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  1. If you need help working on your Volvo around the Grand Rapids, MI area, PM me.

  2. I have been using FCP for 3 years now, with only 1 problem which was handled with no questions asked. FCP is my place, unless I'm in a real hurry or for parts which don't make sense to ship - which is where the brick and mortar local import shop comes in handy. I just placed my 1st order for the "new" Volvo XC70 - time for the the 60,000 mile tune up, and $89.99 for the kit + shipping, which was quoted by the dealer for $550. As far a your parts for testing, obviously, giving away parts to people which all drive and install parts in uncontrolled environments doesn't make good engineering sense - it's just advertising. Here's a few suggestions regarding testing: Find memebers which have contacts/work at OEM suppliers (unfortunatly not me, I work for a fuel tank manufacturer), and "suggest" that they do some durability benchmarking on their competitors. FCP could provide the parts to be able to have access to the results. -or- Take your data on the parts with the highest amount of returns, contact each of the suppliers for those components, and provide them with 3 parts from 1 or 2 other brands which you carry. Have them do the testing (keeping in mind that they have thier reputation on the line) for you. If you had 2-3 suppliers providing you with testing results on those parts, I would think that at least 1 of them would come back with "unfiltered" data. -or- Ask the compent manufacturers for thier PPM's on those parts as part of doing business with you. You should be able to tell from the PPM's which suppliers have the highest quality levels. This might require your distributor who would have more buying power to negotiate these terms directly with the manufacturer. - Loyal FCP customer who is now among the unemployed in the great state of Michigan.
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