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  1. So what's up? Did Reid get it? I was going to design something at the shop this weekend but never found the time.
  2. And, from Mr. Franklin, "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security."
  3. 1997850T5R


  4. 1997850T5R


  5. I am with you Chuck. But I disagree with #4 because I live here in Florida... I have seen much worse than the 500. If your not gonna enforce the damn rules get rid of em! You know half those rednecks will never follow rules, no matter what you do, so just kick them out. Suck it up and maybe you'll get a fan following thats not mindless!
  6. Me too! I'll be there to lend my expertise... on nothing. Haha... Atleast you'll have some extra hands to build the car.
  7. Volvo 850 R
  8. I wish the alternator in a FWD Volvo was as easy as that picture... But on a serious subject, anything about racing will always be interesting. +1 to special edition news, etc.
  9. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ May 29 2006, 09:33 PM) ← Wanna make out? You know, I was proud of you for making this thread Grant... till that. Oh well, anyways... To anyone that thanks belongs to on behalf of myself and my family, many thanks.
  10. Thanks for the link to the pics, interesting paint on the Volvo... Looks good though, I like the louvers. New Pegs?
  11. Kick ass man, show that Volvo pride!!
  12. I do like it but... like others have said, when reading constantly I would rather keep it the way it is. I would love it if it was made optional, and would most likely use it but... The blue is just harder on the eyes. During sustained periods of "VSing" I would surely use the old skin.
  13. I really don't mind paying the 3.05 for premium here... because i understand the conversions from the 70's to now, and the fact that other countries pay so much but... If the oil companies have reported bigger gains than ever in the past few months... I don't understand why it continues to go up. They get enough profit... They should be able to at least stabilize prices.