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  1. Filled it with oil again after the oil cooler hard line decided to pop off while I was driving. Maybe it time to do the PCV again :(
  2. Looking forward to next year! Bummed I couldn't make it this year but the rain pics made me a little less sad.
  3. Stupid ball seat broke on me again, easier to change the whole shifter assembly... What kind of grease is best to use on the shifter ball?
  4. Went to replace a brake hose, had to end up replacing the entire hard line. One of my stainless steel hoses actually ripped :/
  5. Cool, the car doesn't look good though. I'd get a V40 Polestar instead
  6. I google searched Volvo P80 pictures and this came up
  7. Seems like just yesterday. 2 of my cars appear on this vid, Adam's car sounded weird and rare footage of Dave
  8. Most uncool family in front of car picture ever. His wife didn't even want to be seen in the picture.
  9. ^ America does not suck, as proven by that gif
  10. No sunroof and super clean. Sounds like canadians love tundras and that guy has a problem with it
  11. I'm just going to leave this here and walk away.
  12. Cleaned the MAF, fixed the fuel pump and injector relay, car is running great now
  13. Damn I had no idea you could get 30+ with an S60R
  14. I was reading up on the Germanwings crash today too.... That is some crazy shit!
  15. Hopefully my new hoses will come in today so I can replace them along with the cbv
  16. Anyone have any experience with Mishimoto hoses? Hope they're good because I ordered a set yesterday to replace my beat up Samcos