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  1. Nothing against the cause, it's very legitimate. But I think they could have called it something other than "slut walk" if they want to be respected IMO. Also, I meant that people must be getting raped all the time in Seattle And "rape culture" just made me LOL.
  2. Slut walk? Rape culture? There must be something seriously wrong with Seattle.
  3. LMAO nice attention to detail with the pubes
  4. HAHAHAH what kind of fucked up child would say those things?? Sex barbecue?? Let's kill a bum??
  5. Dan's old S70 BTW 850 badge on that red S70 :blink:
  6. Hahaha I remember you got so much s.h.i.t. for that
  7. Lol I remember the live feed of Adam's garage... Funny shit!
  8. LMAO that made my morning. I think the first one was the funniest because I'm an asshole
  9. Rofl this is the best thread I have ever read on VS And by best, I mean worst.
  10. That, minus all the cool stuff... i only got the basic game But it's a lot of fun nonetheless
  11. Usually not a fan of those but that one looks very nice, the wheels really set it off.
  12. Good god the sawblades look so good!
  13. That 850 truck is so outrageous, I'm at a loss for words...
  14. That rear end looks amazing! The bumper and exhaust tips look so perfect, nice job!
  15. Meh their chicken is OK. I couldn't care less if they were jewish communist neo-nazi homophobes.
  16. Holy shit, never heard a MB V12 sound so good in a road car...
  17. I'm trying really hard to ignore that roof rack.... Nice 911 though!
  18. Don't let the kewl shaved door handles fool you, it's a sedan.
  19. That sounds so much like a T5! I am listening though some very small and shitty speakers though