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  1. isnt jakes car close to 300whp on a 16t still? this guy seems very enthused
  2. how long was the drive so i can get idea of how long it will be for me to drive to the next texas meet
  3. i saw that car i live 2 mins up the road from that dealership and i drive by everyday to see wat cars came in and i saw yours
  4. today after sneaking out to lunch during school is saw two mint 850 platniums and then coming back to school in the parking lot of my school saw a t5r yellow wagon, probably the only one ill ever see other then at a meet. I thought i was lucky to see the yellow sedan across the street(which that person also has a red R with tan interior) but it was just crazy seeing the wagon. volvospeed needs to make buisness cards for us to hand out
  5. i would probably make the trip down if there where more people or a bigger meet etc.
  6. mbc price? and do you no wich model hallman mbc it is
  7. i didnt see it until my friend read the box after i was done
  8. they look weird in that photo cuz my flash was on my camera and that makes it look like my grille doesnt even have mesh but normallly there not so easy to see
  9. than thing flys around all over my car,every time it ends up in the front i just toss it in the back and start over
  10. i think he was trying to be funny with the tint the windows with spray comment
  11. story on this plate is that one of my buddys had a 855 wagon direct from the motherland, his rich grandparents sent over for him to have so i jacked this sucker off the day he sold it to get a 03 jetta gli 35% window tint, on the box it said do not apply to acrlics or plastics, should i be scared??
  12. i wonder how its gunna look with the jewels back in and some foglights