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  1. lol thats f*cked up man... oh well
  2. hell he aint losing nothing he probably gonna be obligated to pay so why not like how i said...
  3. just try what i said send a check 5$ more then what its suposed to be... then when you receive their check back of 5$ trow it away and they never remove your point on your liscense.. it works 2 of my buddy did it and got no point taken off
  4. send a check of lets say 200$ if the fine was 195$ and they send a check of 5$ back .. just trow it away and you keep your point on you drivers liscense but 200$ less richer
  5. r0k0

    the prof pic 2.JPG

    hey what are you doing with my rims...!!! :)
  6. WOW..!!!!! I WANT ONE TOO..!!!!!
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    i guess it your car thats on Eurosport when they show the carbon fiber trottle body couver and spark plug cover :P