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  1. I saw it....it was at Barrier SC this AM....black wheels n all....turtle sticker on the moonroof?
  2. Volvo actually makes 2 possibly 3 undercarriage braces for the convertables...big $$$$ why cant u just mount a rear brace to the top of the shocks...kinda like the strut tower braces??
  3. salesaman????? ur more like "Peterson" from the movie, "The Green Berets"!!! Didnt u start ur fortune with a little red paper clip? Which location will u be at?
  4. stupid question...in 3...2...1... wot colors do they come in???
  5. will u b making an affordable one fer the 98 AWD's??? please?!?!?!?!?
  6. is the BBK 330 mm?? do they require spacers? wot size of wheels u have on now w/ them??
  7. yeah...there are no adjusting screws....
  8. I thot these were self adjusting?? my driver's side lite is pointing way up...the passenger's side points way in!!! i cant figure out how to adjust these...that is...if they can be?? anyone been able to adjust em??