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  1. frank what can i do i dont have my email that I Got from you when i paid... I can give you my paypal id with which i paid though.... can i get my status back? I just renewed the new subscription like 1 month ago... and now its gone...
  2. aaaah I dont have confirmation email.... what do I do now?
  3. well i did rent that thing and i used it and used it and used it, then i smack it and smack it and smack it..... and no progresssssss... so i got a power saw and cut the thing off took it to the vice grip clamp it in... and smacked it with the hammer and it came out.... now i cant put in the new one.... im going to the store to buy a drill bit to bore the hole out... a little wooho....
  4. I dont know what to do. Im replacing my whole new front suspension so i took everyting off except for the tie rod end i cant get it out from the place where it connect with the bolt to the wheel hub assembly.... i took the nut off but why doesnt it come out???? plz help i need to get this done asap.
  5. my other topic with more pics click there
  6. as far as issues I think the car runs perfect. I only have messed up door panels which im replacing before the sale, and my front passanger shock is bad it makes noize lol but its still very drivable the engine is great, very strong. im just selling because i need money for my new bimmer. as far as int pics ill try to take some soon. and so are the gauges. Also I forgot to mention i have red led in my instrument cluster so it glows red just like my boost gauges.
  7. I want to sell my car asap. Im puting an ad in local newspaper as well as internet and im advertizing it with one of those signs lol. Im looking for 5k if i sell it to anyone but for anyone on this site ill sell for 4k flat. My car runs good the motor has 95k on it. it has newer transmission installed. Magnaflow exhaust. Silicone vacuum hoses. It needs door panels though and perhaps a new shocks. I just put brand new performance rotors on it so they are nice and shiney. Also I put on new brakes a few weeks ago. Items for sale: Car: 4k Binno wheels almost new- no scratches or bends with yakohama parada spec 2 225/40/18 tires purchased 2 month ago. Selling because I am buying a car that has diff bolt pattern -$899 plus shipping (great deal i paid over 1.5k for all together 2 mo ago. A pillar with 2 VDO Vision Gauges red leds installed boost/vac and Voltometer - $89 plus shipping for all plz buy my stuff im going to the dealer next week and i need to have this car sold by then. here is some pics
  8. not a bad question, i think roughly 10 psi for your trubo. which is same as mine dont go over that without geting ecu remaped for higher fuel delivery and bigger turbo. and as for max hp i think 300 without modifying the internals. if you want to go more then you need new pistons rots, etc but the block is good, in fact its better then T5 models. this is the engine 400+ hp cars use.
  9. lol sorry for the confusion i did realize that you dont need to take off the axle nut. so i changed 3 of my wheels but then i came to my 4th its my driver front one i took off the caliper but cant take off the bracked the bolts wont even budge with me jumping on the wrench.. Am i pushing it the right direction.? im pushing down on it. (driver front rotor bracket bolts) ehh now its starting to strip im frustrated i got 3 new rotors on and one old one and its not coming off lol.. im about to get a torch and light it up.
  10. I got new rotors, im trying to remove the old ones, i got the big hex socket and a braker bar im jumping on this damn thing and it wont move wtf am i doing wrong? anyone help. Plz explain how to remove the rotors. bay 13 sucks.
  11. here is a sneek peek untill i get my good camera from the office tonight
  12. nooo lowering kit lol my tires almost touch the fenders... i barelly can slide a hand b/w the fender and the wheel.
  13. hehe finally on my car. exexpat they look almost like yours only not as big of a lip... ohhh sooo nice.... except for a little amusement at zolman tire... the idiots did not knew what they were talking about... saying the tires are tooo big.. they wont fit. its the wrong offset, its the wrong profile, ohhh you need to get a conversion kit.. its scary they work there doing this stuf every day.... not knowing stuff about it...