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  1. red c70

    99 C70 hpt "unscathed"

    I know I've been in the background on this forum and I apologize. These are pix of mine from last week to 2 years ago. I really don't want to change it as it's color combination is so rare. Maybe just a softloader and exhaust.
  2. I'm not really hurting on the whole gas price issue. Yeah obviously it sucks, but I wouldn't be surprised to see an immediate change slightly after oh, I don't know January of 2009...maybe February at the latest. Anyhow, I have always been on the understanding with all my cars, (camry, accord, sentra and now c70), that you should stick to one octane and never switch because it confuses the computer. So I have been using 89 religiously in my t5 c70. For the first time in months, I put 93 in my car and just about everytime I start it up it kinda sputters for a couple of seconds and then idles just fine. What the hell did I do wrong??? Should I just stay at 89, 91, or 93 in the t5? I don't wanna f&ck up my car.