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  1. 215/40/18. Rolled fenders. 15/5 spacers rear and front. Front has been repainted. Rear need cut and polish. Haven't touched paint in 2 years and it has oxidized into a lighter shade. I've never liked the headlight Wipers on 850s. Worked on the wife's car yesterday. Wash, clay bar, meg#7, menzerna pf106, and some basic meguiars carnauba I had laying around. Also fixed the rear center console booster seat, installed third row seat, replaced sagging sun visors, and did oil change with Castrol edge. Decided to try the propus from the sedan on the wagon. It looks good but I think I prefer the volans. It's an aggressive look though. Would look great if it was lowered.
  2. I think it means low freon. Check the manual. I believe it's in there.
  3. Not a bad gig Matt has going on. A friend of mine is likely going to start working at redblock performance soon so didn't know who all was still in the volvo scene up there.
  4. Mattb still have the white 850 and Danny the 240?
  5. Gdizzle. Haven't seen that name in a while. Did he ever sell the 240 or did that stick around? I remember Danny and Kevin from way back in the day also.
  6. Those are some OGs right there. I recognize yang, pras, and mesoam.
  7. Sent a pm. I'll take them. I'm in the north bay also which is convenient.
  8. Hawk pads have gotten good reviews over on swedespeed
  9. Checking around, it looks like this is the Pierburg BCS that other people have run. Pierburg BCS from Porsche Can anyone else confirm?