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  1. Gdizzle. Haven't seen that name in a while. Did he ever sell the 240 or did that stick around? I remember Danny and Kevin from way back in the day also.
  2. Those are some OGs right there. I recognize yang, pras, and mesoam.
  3. Sent a pm. I'll take them. I'm in the north bay also which is convenient.
  4. I think the new ones are 10lbs lighter per wheel. Interested to see how the change in rotational weight feels. I think I'm going to do the same spaced set up also and have my fenders rolled. Going to try and fit 215/40s under there.
  5. Hawk pads have gotten good reviews over on swedespeed
  6. Thanks for the info. I ran 18" pegs for close to 5 years so I know the challenges with 18" wheels and 850s. What type of springs are you on? I saw that you have rolled fenders. Do you have spacers also?
  7. Thanks. Already have the 3" silicone pipe for Na tb. Thought about upgrade IC but that will be a future upgrade. I can do that later on without much trouble.
  8. Thanks for the info. Already sealed the oil pan back up so unfortunately the pickup tube is staying stock. I was going to put in delrin bushings but already have metal c70 bushings so I gave the delrin to a friend that is helping with the project as thanks.
  9. Hi guys, I'm doing a complete drive train refresh/replace. Pulled the entire engine/trans out and this is what I'm currently doing. - HG/valve stem seals - Oil pan seals - All timing belt/water pump/associated gaskets - Replace lifters when needed - Na cams - NA Tb - 960 maf - snabb 3" intake pipe and fitting to larger maf - 18t turbo with r mani and angled flange - All silicone intake, coolant, heater hoses, turbo hoses - Replace mounts as needed - Oil cooler lines look to be in good shape and possibly replaced previously - overflow tank - rms - snabb trans bushings - manual throttle cable - r clutch -SMF - master and slave in newer condition Anything else you guys think of that I should do while I'm in there? Thanks!
  10. I'd prefer best comfort possible, understanding that it won't be great. So comfort over looks (recessed or not). I've ran both 215/40 and 225/35 in the past and they were basically the same from what I remember. Just wanted to get others opinion. 215/40 looks to be the less expensive route as size is relatively more popular.
  11. Have some new wheels incoming for my 850r on IPD springs. Wheels are 18x7.5 Should I go with 215/40 or 225/35 Thanks
  12. Need a manual pedal box for an 850. Thanks!