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  1. Checking around, it looks like this is the Pierburg BCS that other people have run. Pierburg BCS from Porsche Can anyone else confirm?
  2. thanks, great looking gauge. It's almost a perfect match.
  3. It's tough to quit mid way. Although sometimes the best route to take is making it useable and then spend your time and resources on something else. I like those speakers you linked to. and i just realized after reading your post that my comment/knowledge is based on the 850 platform vs the x70 platform. I do seem to recall the speaker openings on those are slightly larger and will accomodate a 6.5'' speaker. In an 850, there is no way to fit a larger speaker in the factory spot.
  4. The other problem is that the speaker opening only allow for a 5.25'' speaker. Can't really get much midbass out of those, even if some of the more talked about brands on the caraudio forums say so. I've thought about the option of putting a 6'' driver in the rear doors for midbass but that still requires custom work and won't be perfect either.
  5. Very nice Kristian! Your wagon and ^^Greg's are 2 of my favorites on the board. keep up the solid work!
  6. that looks awesome. Really like that 93 front end. looks very industrial.
  7. Regarding the drive range, I would pose most people that buy these cars are not planning on driving cross country with them. Mostly for around town and the occasional trip into the city (if living in a suburban area). If they do want to travel farther, I'm sure they have a different car for that.
  8. good one. that was going to be second suggestion.
  9. Thanks for that Alain! I ended up watching the best of Wedding Crasher's video right after and it reminded me of how funny that movie was.
  10. I have the same one Timo. Seiko makes some good quality watches in the 150-200 range (usually can be had on sale somewhere in the interwebz)
  11. Picked this up for the wife. I couldn't ask volvospeed what they though of this camera but I talked to a couple other photo nut buddies and for what you get with this camera and what the wife will use it for, it seems to be the perfect fit for her. Sony a5000
  12. Sounds intriguing Kevin. I'd be interested for someone 6'2''. Thanks Kev
  13. Looks awesome Kristian! For sound deadening, don't forget to use closed cell foam as well. That's what really helps with the noise cancelling.
  14. ryan850-t5

    Project 95

    What a teaser shot of the wheels
  15. Nordstom's Anniversary Sale. Had to do it. Been meaning to get a couple of nice pair of brown dress for a while. Finally pulled the trigger. Both AE's. Strand and Park Avenue
  16. they look like the vst monoblocks
  17. ryan850-t5

    Project 95

    Glad it worked out for ya bud. They def were quite sad just sitting there lol