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  1. got some stuff laying around that i have no use for i am open to offers on all the stuff 07 S60 T5 Spolier i forget the color code but it 's a light Blue 150.00 + Shipping 07 center chan nav setup 100.00 + Shipping 07 rear parking sensor setup same color blue as the spoiler 55.00 Shipped there is more to come , i just need to get pics of everything
  2. Gage

    Volvo V70 R

    Volvo V70 R
  3. Got 3 Cars Registered, Donation For Ashley, And a Bunch Of Chip's Ready to bring with like always EDIT For those who have forgot here is the link for donations
  4. Just picked this up today, 2004 2.5T AWD for $600.00 Cash Money
  5. should be bringing a total of 3 caRs this year
  6. Gage

    Back In The Game

    Update, too hard to find the Chocolate seats sooooo.......... Going Black And Put a set of v70 Mirrors and color matched them
  7. Gage

    Back In The Game

    Getting Started on the Chocolate Interior
  8. Gage

    Back In The Game

  9. No led's just all stock bulbs and yes it looks just like the pictures
  10. LMAO put a radio from a 2002 s60 in the Eight Fitty
  11. Cleaned the 855 then loaded it up with scrap to haul off tomorrow