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  1. yo i like your tint, what % is it??

  2. (cough)
  3. What the hell is wrong with all these people? What's hard to understand that the MAXIMUM is 600 wide and 150 tall? Do you people need a definition of maximum? maximum adjective [ attrib. ] as great, high, or intense as possible or permitted. That's it. If you people have a problem with being able to resize your sig, then send it to me. I'll do it free of charge...only takes about 2 minutes in total. Quit crying.
  4. So, is there some like monkey or something hidden around that just hops out at random times and causes you problems?
  5. Only thing I noticed is when I put something in the Wanted, I couldn't write in the description box. Safari 2.0.4 (419.3).
  6. Adam Franke

    Misc. Shots

    A collection of shots I've taken of my car.
  7. What about those of us who lost it and already have a lifetime? I feel kinda jipped on that one....
  8. Is there a guide somewhere on where to set them? Like I've got stock sways but KWs dropped 2 inches. About what length would I want to set them?
  9. At least someone on this board knows something . Yeah, I'm gonna wait until after winter and snow to put the lip on. Don't wanna risk damaging it, I might not ever find a replacement for this one...
  10. Ooooooh, no, that's just dirt. Look at the other pics of when I first got the lip.