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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this Pras. I can kind of relate.. my project car is in a similar situation. $10k in parts.. its runs worse than it did.. and actually doesn't run sans the dead alternator in a garage in the northeast. I wonder how much of an ordeal it would be to get a used 850 turbo motor to throw in there?
  2. WOW, I rated you 5 stars, hottie.

  3. AGBullit235

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    V70 T5m (RIP) and V70 R
  4. Down over a 100 posts, from my whopping 560 posts or something haha. I also noticed that my post count changes everytime I post, and not in the correct direction.
  5. Mine's gone and I got an error message when i went to that link. heh get it. No but I didn't get an email, but I'll email you anyway.
  6. Sweet dude. A lttle TLC man, looks like a good car to work with.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, it came with the tint so I don't know. Its so dark you can't see anything in the back windows. The fronts are a little lighter, but still dark.
  8. Just took it now, so its a bit dark.
  9. Sure, tell you what we'll trade cars up straight. haha. No? Please? Yeah that's what I'm probably going to do. I had grand plans with the T5 to do a dual outlet. I had the bumper on, just didn't have the funds.
  10. Thanks guys for the comments! Yep, it has the black interior with aluminum trim. Does not have the Dolby, and I have to say that I think the SC-900 sounds worse than the SC-816.. which I thought sounded pretty good for a stock unit. But still not bad. Yeah this car was on ebay for a couple of weeks. The guy put allot into it, as did the previous owner. It has: New front shocks (OEM) New CV boots both sides New windshield New downpipe/CAT (aftermarket.. blah!) New floormats (R emblem) New from bumper skin New Rear calipers, rotors, pads (OEM) New from rotors, pads (aftermarket) New endli
  11. One of the clippies on the passenger side is broken, so they put it in backwards to keep it from faling out. "yay" The R is awd, can't just swap it over, wish I could man.
  12. The jewels of course, but I have some parts that I'll be selling here in a week or two. I've held off annoucning the parts until I have the time to ship them out.
  13. haha, arrrgh. That was the first thing I thought of when I was driving home from NY. Then I was like "no, no, no.. wait.. no you can't afford it!" I tried, she wouldn't let go of it. She loves that car.
  14. My T5 couldn't be replaced, but here is my new Rrrrrrrr. I picked it up in poughkeepsie, NY a week ago. Was well taken cared for, a laundry list on replaced items. I'll be driving this back to SoCal next week: Here is picture of my mom's '98 V70R. We've had it since new: