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  1. LOL can't wait to see the LB in person before carlisle!.... those remind me of LEGO wheels
  2. That's just a setting with a CZ in the center. I'm going to buy the diamond separately
  3. There is no way i would pay 10K for a 1 ct. ring my budget for this is ~$5000 total
  4. The center stone is just a CZ I'm probably going to go with an old european mine cut for the center between 1 and 1.5 carats. The setting is platinum and is .55 carats total.
  5. Bought this today Pictures are terrible but you get the idea....
  6. When i took the trans off the engine i was like ehhh i don't want to bother taking off the clutch and flywheel since i have them already so i left them on the engine sorry i can give you the guys number if you want and i am sure he will sell it to you since he has no use for it now.
  7. Just got back from a 600 mile round trip and got this: 38K miles on it anyone looking for manual swap parts keep an eye out im going to be selling my old one and shifter/cables and pedals soon.. -Mark
  8. Markymark

    My 850 T5M

    My 95 850 Turbo