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  1. Awesome property.I love Tudor and especially with stone.The detached building is low maintenance and large too!Are you installing a lift to save the bending over when detailing?That is truely a dream home.Best wishes to you and your bride.
  2. How do I contact CN90 with a PM? I can't figure it out.

  3. Put in a new cabin filter in my S60 yesterday when it was 85F and a dewpoint of 72F. I sweated my balls off and had to be an acrobat to get to the torx 25 screws that hold up the cover. Jesus Christ! what I will do do save a few bucks.
  4. Removed the road tar that got all over my S60 from driving I 295 in NJ. The DOT has been fixing pot holes and sealing the lane joints lately. I am glad that they are fixing the highway but getting tar all over the car sucks. I used WD40 to wipe off the crap. It really works great.
  5. Replaced front rotors and pads W/Oem stuff. Flushed brake fluid and power steering fluid. Changed out accessory belt. Oil change and tire rotation. Took 4 hours for everything. Probably saved myself $500 by doing it myself.
  6. Pottstown! like Ptown Pa? Near Reading? Ya better get better milage! Jesus, thats like 80 miles from here. I thought ya were messing around with your shit in Lumberton or someplace near by. Do ya work out there or something?
  7. Where do ya work on your car in this shitty weather Kevin. Do ya have a decent place for this shit? I would help ya If ya need me.
  8. Thanks for looking. That thing would come in handy for flushing the tranny on my S60. I have another rig that works but not as good as good as what I'am looking for. thanks again.
  9. Where ya buyin your gas. Hess? WAWA? Not that Exxon I hope. Did ya look for that thing yet?
  10. Hey Spooney, why do ya call this guy a dick. That simply is not fair. give em a break for christ sake. that dude worked his ass off for what he achieved. You ought to take back that statement, Jesus christ, he just got betrayed by some asshole that he probably thought was a friend. Grow up, everybody makes mistakes. And thatincludes the one YOU! just made.
  11. Flukey