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  1. i am really susprised that nobody posted this yet. the s60's from k pax racing came in 1st and 2nd at the race in jersey on saturday. Andy Pilgrim led from begining to end. i so wish i would have been able to make it, especially after i was offered free tickets from volvo. next time read the story here. http://world-challenge.com/news/story.php?ID=1269
  2. :D The Evolve car has left the dealership enroute to AtSpeed. :D
  3. i agree. however. the pictures dont lie about the workmenship and for those of us who have seen this car first hand can tell u that the quaility is very poor. I drove the car 30 miles after it arrived in PA., it was not near the performer it is claimed to be from evolve. i am not trying to be an a** but i have seen, driven and worked on this car.
  4. +1 i have said either take the car back to cali and evolve fix it properly for free and make it right in a timely manner. or buy the car from matt. give him the money he has invested in it + the value of the car + some PITA money. then matt can build another R.
  5. i am glad to see the WHOLE story finially being told on the car. i am the tech at the dealer that has the car all apart. Matt is a great guy and got screwed. i hope that there are lessons to be learned here. i was personally baffled with the workmanship on this car. the pics dont even come close to doing justice. there are so many flaws and questionable areas. as soon as matt brought me the car (30 miles after getting it back from evolve) there was a bad oil leak. and terriable performance. we found the oil leak to be a bad weld on the fab'd turbo drain. and the performance was a evolve mystery. we traced the wiring for the piggyback system. still lacked performance. then when he came back a few hundred miles later it was spitting coolant everywhere. we thought a head gasket. but after pulling the head ......... well u saw the pics. and thats where it ends. and thats just the motor issues. not to mention the trans oil that looked like silver paint. or the wheels that rub the calipers. or the piggyback wiring. or the carpet. and so on and so on. i am not here to bash evolve but rather to add some facts to the story. it is my hope that evolve steps up and stands behind this car. it could be a great car. Matt, i hope i didnt step on your toes by telling the story as i did. u deserve to get a great car. personally i have alot of questions abou this car and some of these unique problems with it. like the oil leak when it got here ? why is a weld on a turbo drain leaking after 4000 miles of testing ?? there is no way it was leaking that bad when magazines tested it. just leaves me with some questions in my head.
  6. great pics carson. and i swear i am not copying your car.....:lol: