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  1. Drunk last night, SOX WON THOUGH BABY!!!!, hurtin' for certain this morning YAY <_<
  2. Hard to hide in the mountains when they aren't there anymore
  3. +1, the only good thing this does is bring to the forefront the problem with this war and the person behind it; I'm all for our troops there but the reason they are there is honestly B.S; finishing a vandetta your Father had against someone while using American lives as a Paun (excuse the spelling) like in chess is inexcusable, just my .02.
  4. Car looks GREAT, how about some engine pics. B)
  5. Coulda just asked me man ;)
  6. You need to get a camera for pokes sake :P
  7. Wow, and we thought California was getting bad Possible law? :o
  8. One thing I've learned being on these forums is to never put a timeframe on anything with the aftermarket vendors. When and if I do my rebuild this winter I'm going to order the parts in September that way when the car is in the garage for the winter the parts might be here Sucks to hear about your dilemma Pras, I hope you get back a good portion of what you spent and I'm sure most of us here will spread the word around the other forums about how you were dealt with by some others; and I'm sure that will change their tune with refunding your $. Hard to run a business w/o customers Good lu
  9. Part # on those is 3529650 and they list for @$350 per wheel.
  10. Go to the dealer and have parts look them up, make em' work :P
  11. Whats the time table now? Gettin' really excited and it's not my car :D
  12. Did the stuff I sent down make it OK this time?