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  1. Liking the blackout on the C30 Hussein. Looks great! It is cool that the C30 has such a good aftermarket selection of parts. I've been telling myself the next time i'm in the market for a vehicle that is where I will search first, by aftermarket. Looking on the ATP site, they have some big turbo stuff for the C30/V50/S40. Then i got sidetracked looking at the ecoboost stuff, they have some really good looking kits for both the Fiesta and Focus ST. Not to mention a 500hp capable kit for the SHO, explorer, and F150's with the twin turbo 3.5 V6.
  2. I've had success with axles unlimited in Charlotte, NC. They offer exchange service and are very reasonable. They also offer higher performance rebuilds to include larger bearing races and cages and poly boots with moly grease. Just stay on them on the core refund, took me a couple months to get mine back and it was a partial because one of the axles couldn't be rebuilt.
  3. ​That is because the hood is wrapped in carbon fiber look vinyl.
  4. sitting in Beaufort, SC for bro in-laws wedding. On a sidenote, 630mile round trip, avg. 30mpg, ARD blue tune, 18psi on a billet 18T.
  5. loseR99

    S60 T5

  6. I'd be open to suggestions. Or at least a walk-thru of what kind of labor and parts are involved.
  7. I have some leftover TKI endlinks from my previous P80. Those were freaking sweat. Tried to adjust them to work on my V40, they're just too big, length would have probably lowered the car a bit, but didn't like how much contact would have happened between strut and body. Those lasted about 30K and are still very serviceable. My pop's P2 also has them and they've been going for probably 75K and are still solid. They need to be removed and cleaned once in a while, but they're built to last. What I did today...I purchased an ipd gauge pod for the V40, i'll be mounting a Prosport 52mm electronic stepper motor boost gauge.
  8. Technically my mom bought it, and is giving it to me, early wedding present. And since I've put more labor in that car myself than my other volvo's combined, i figured the best case would be keep it in the family. Dave-o is rocking a 2013 Honda Fit as a commuter, and clearing space for the next project. He's mentioned a vette, he's mentioned a Z4, he's mentioned a boxster S, and he's mentioned going the Polestar route on a newer Volvo. Not sure what his next move is, but mine will be sourcing a low mile manual trans for a swap...
  9. Top end rebuilt - 3 angle valve job, light port and polish Matched intake and exhaust runners Billet 18T turbo, angle flange, 3" catback with magnaflow resonator and back suitcase muffler Green Top 42lb injectors FMIC with supporting pipe kit and silicone ARD TCV ARD lightweight crank pulley Gates Kevlar timing belt IPD HD Ignition Coils Bilstein HD's with Eibach springs IPD Sway bar kit IPD HD sway links (rear) TKI adjustable front race end-links 20mm spacers rear 15mm spacers front AEM wideband Prosport 60mm electronic boost gauge Simota Carbon Intake kit Snabb performance maf -turbo pipe ARD tuned...
  10. Nice! Always thought the 850's looked great because of the trim. Anxious to see how it turns out!