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  1. My court date is Friday, what exactly are teh boundaries of probation? I've also heard of a 30 grace period for insurance, is this true?
  2. I'm in minnesota. It looks like I may face a misdemeanor charge in which case I would take community service or another $200, the speeding ticket will at the least be $127.
  3. on top of all the speeding mess, it gets worse! Since I have had the car for 4 days I don't yet have insurance on it. Minn requires insurence-on the back of a ticket price sheet it mentions criminal charges or revokation of licence if no proof of insurance exists. Plus, I'm 18! And the trooper was the stereotypical get you for anything, hard-jerk, annd will probably show up in court. I knew it was uncalabrated because I asked.
  4. I was on the highway-60MPH zone, I was going about 66, wnt down a hill, then an unmarked state trooper pulls me over. I got a ticket for 71 in 60. His radar has never been calibrated, would I have any way of fighting for myself? I got the car less than a week ago and I'm not accostomed to the new spped.