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  1. I don't see any problem with high boost at low RPM's. I make 20 psi at 2500 RPM with no worries at all.
  2. Just got this in the mail to help with the build. Yes, a TCU. With a little hole in the side. Looking forward to see if this will wake up my transmission a bit. Lucky for me, "Lucky" just did a manual swap.
  3. I don't want/need HID's. I vow that if People vote for my car I will give the HID prize to this guy... Only because he read my mind, I DO WANT TO SEE A 240 with HID's.
  4. Wah, wah, wah. That's why they call it a project car. I have bought two different cars as run around beaters to drive while my 850 is worked on. I have had my car over two years and only driven it a few months in all that time. And most of that was in the first few months I got it. Obviously you weren't ready for a project like this you should have done alot more planning and had all the parts sitting around before you started. I had a friend getting some custom body work done and it took his car 3 years to get out of the shop. Of course it was perfect when it was done but custom body w
  5. THanks, I just made a new one instead. Appreciate the effort though
  6. There we go, fixed it. GTG. BTW it seems like a pretty stupid thing to worry about how big sigs are. My favorite part of most of what people have to say here is the picture of a volvo at the end of the BS.
  7. Cool, great build so far. Any idea what kind of power you made on that 19t after the motor build and before deciding to upgrade? What kind of boost were you running on the 19t? That garrett turbo is HUGE! Can't wait to see this bad azz mo fo back on the road. :)
  8. Cool, I heart wagons :rolleyes:
  9. Its me its me Amen to that man. That was so much fun. No just volvospeed Why are you looking pras?
  10. Well I guess better late than never. I hope Pat had a fun drive anyway. Bomb pasta and sausage? I think I will have to stick around next time or if I bring a friend I will make it one that doesn't need to leave so soon.
  11. I think its cool that Doug and a couple others helped Pat out. But in all fairness everyone should have gone on the drive and let Pat ride shotgun. Its not like he made it home without problems anyway what would a couple of hours made a difference. Pat, what happened to the squeeze burger? I thought you were going to show up...