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  1. I'd like it if you could throw a cookie (or whatever) on my computer that remembers my make, model and year like Autozone, Kragen, o'Reileys, etc websites do. They even remember that I have two Volvos and have a single pulldown to select which one I'm looking for parts for. I really get annoyed having to drill down through the pulldowns everytime I go to buy a part. Is is a big deal, no. Just mildly annoying. Oh yeah - thanks for having USPS priority mail shipping. For a west-coaster who always seems to wait until Wednesday to order the next weekend's parts, it's appreciated to know there's an economical and quick alternative to FedEx or UPS 2-day.
  2. On the V70, replaced control arms, strut mounts, spring seats, shock mounts, Bilstein struts & shocks, eibach springs, inner & outer tie rods, sway links, alignment. Job went quick since I built the complete strut assemblies on Saturday. Next up: New PCV & silicone vac lines. Here's the trash pile: