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  1. First drive with a M56 in the 850. It feels like I just bought a new car. I love the way it pulls in second gear and how much more control I have with the car.
  2. Installed IPD Sway bars, V70 upper rear tail lights and replaced the blower motor. I can't wait to see what a difference having a rear sway bar makes.
  3. Installed a fresh set of NGK BKR7Es and IPD's MSD Coil after having spark blow. That combind with 40 degree temps had the 850 running strong.
  4. Installed a 14lb CBV spring with limited success in reducing the boost fade.
  5. Installed the EST cat back exhaust finally on my V70 GLT. It has been sitting in the garage for the last few months. Seems to be a little quiter than the IPD exhaust I have on the 850.
  6. What do you really think is going to happen if the US government goes knocking on doors to collect guns?
  7. It counts more than any other posts on this thread! Congratulations!
  8. Dropped the oil then used it as the grocery getter. This 18 degree weather does wonders for the performance.
  9. QUOTE (matt b @ Jan 23 2009, 10:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Times 6 + + = Dinner. Add Dill Havarti Cheese and you've got 'Ruling Class Cheese and Crackers'.
  10. I really do not drive very much at night but from here on out why would I drive with anything less.
  11. Replaced a broken side marker and installed the IPD 'Hatch Inside Panel Repair Kit' on the wife's 2000 V70. Stylin' Vacuum Hose Replacement kit is next tommorow