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  1. I do have some before and afters- though im embarrassed at the condition of the "Before" So this is the result of a slightly stuck ebrake. the flat surface of this wheel is coated in the rust like gunk that is rough, and would not clean off by other the other cleaners and the scrubbing i have tried. I thought for sure this would have to be refinished. The after is a result of about 5 minutes of it sitting, and light scrubbing with one of those nylon toothbrushes from home depot. i still obviously have more work ahead, but it looks like they will be perfectly workable for what will once again be a daily driven car.
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for this recommendation. I didn't know there was a product out there like this. and it has honestly saved my wheel from the recycling pile. ( or refinishing the whole set) I cant believe how well this stuff works. I got the ItonX. and while there is still some work and scrubbing needed. the transformation is honestly shocking.
  3. i need a meteor. or a way to clean some nasty caked on rust from a stuck caliper off the one i have. but i don't want to pay a giant amount of money for shipping. so cleaning my be the best option. I just flip-flopped from almost selling it to full time driving it and it needs a bit of sprucing up.
  4. i only considered it. i didn't list it or anything really crazy.
  5. So I'm not alone in this. As my kid has her eye on my R though she's got 5 more years to go and the wife is starting to question why we have so many cars around....
  6. That's a beautiful T5 SE I still regret selling the one I had. Good luck!
  7. I checked my $10 ticket from Saturday's drawing today. I won $11. cash out!
  8. im more surprised they would decline a tithe yet basically be ok with someone playing once in a while when it gets crazy big.
  9. I bought a few. Wife is in a pool at work as well. I'd like to turn this $4 into a some spending money for the upcoming vacation. But in reality I possibly just wasted half a drink.
  10. There are only like 3 Hardee's in my state now. (Thankfully) the closest one closed a few years ago and was turned into a dry cleaner & laundromat. As of today when I dropped off a suit coat and one of the wife's dresses to be cleaned, in the 6 yrs I've lived here, i have been to both places an equal number of times. (That would be 1) but the cinnamon raisin biscuits are where it's at. That's the only thing I've eaten from Hardee's since at least 1999.
  11. I never understood all the hype about In-n-Out. My wife grew up in Cali and always wanted to go there when we were out visiting. And it was always Meh. Then the 3rd or 4th time we ate there it was amazing and I totally got it.