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  1. wow, I didn't know AAA dropped anyone either. I had my 76 Cadillac towed twice last summer when I had it out. Once when the break lines went and then once a couple weeks later when it wouldn't start (ended up being something in the steering column) I think we use the hotel discount once in a while...mostly keep it for the towing since the wires Prius is at over 300,000 miles...
  2. Makes sense. We’ve got a 2017 outback and it’s been great. Wife’s still rocking her 08 Prius at 300,000 miles now. Though she’s taken the outback a lot this winter for the heated seat and heated wheel. too bad they took away the company car. what are you ordering to replace the 4Runner?
  3. Your driving an outback now? Mine is great on regular tires. And when the snow tires are on it handles like it’s on rails.
  4. Hmm. I bet you could! I didn't know the V8 Sport was a thing either until I was looking at them to replace the 04. but man i really like the upgrades that it offers over the old T6 we had.
  5. Lol! yes sir, black looks good, and I am a fan of those sport seats. thanks!
  6. Picked up a 04 Xc90 for a good price just after Christmas 2020 because I needed a 7 seater on hand. hit a deer with it going to my parents house Christmas Eve 2021. On the interstate. No injuries inside the car thankfully. We were 7 miles from home and we were able to make it to our destination. insurance totaled it out and just before the close of 2021 I picked up this 07 v8 sport to replace it. so far I’m very happy with the purchase.
  7. I picked up this 07 V8 sport right before the close of the year.
  8. I do have some before and afters- though im embarrassed at the condition of the "Before" So this is the result of a slightly stuck ebrake. the flat surface of this wheel is coated in the rust like gunk that is rough, and would not clean off by other the other cleaners and the scrubbing i have tried. I thought for sure this would have to be refinished. The after is a result of about 5 minutes of it sitting, and light scrubbing with one of those nylon toothbrushes from home depot. i still obviously have more work ahead, but it looks like they will be perfectly workable for what will once again be a daily driven car.
  9. I just wanted to say thanks for this recommendation. I didn't know there was a product out there like this. and it has honestly saved my wheel from the recycling pile. ( or refinishing the whole set) I cant believe how well this stuff works. I got the ItonX. and while there is still some work and scrubbing needed. the transformation is honestly shocking.
  10. i need a meteor. or a way to clean some nasty caked on rust from a stuck caliper off the one i have. but i don't want to pay a giant amount of money for shipping. so cleaning my be the best option. I just flip-flopped from almost selling it to full time driving it and it needs a bit of sprucing up.
  11. i only considered it. i didn't list it or anything really crazy.