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  1. thanks a bunch! really appreciated!
  2. oh dang, i didnt know those little tricks, thanks. thanks for the bumps too ;)
  3. too bad i can't search the acro "pcv" otherwise i could find that real quick...
  4. at msdignition.com they have quite a few sets of spark wires, do i go with the 8.5mm super conductor wires? and they have a bunch of different coils too...
  5. would that also be known as a crankcase vent hose? where did you get the parts to replace yours?
  6. yah, i will be needing the parts, but thus far i've only got like, one person's opinion on brands or what they have. hence im sort of undecided.
  7. this is exactly what im looking for. thank you. any other opinions out there?
  8. i can't ever tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
  9. just about every post on stage zero says which parts should be replaced, and some even give info on what sites you might find them, however nobody ever says which brands to look at, what worked well for them... yada yada. i'm currently looking at O2 sensors and there are quite a few brands (bosch, sng...). there are also some universal ones that come with different amounts of wires (2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire: i'd imagine i'd get the 4-wire as there are 4 wires that go to my O2 sensors, but which are which?) i have the same problem with fuel pumps, i see a hella pump for $126 and a bosch for