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  1. We could all drive down to Orlando for an ikea meet
  2. Anndd Now I'm in Atlanta. Anyone in the GA/nFLA area hit me up!

  3. Not sure how I missed this thread haha...but I'm in for round 2 as well.
  4. Wahhh there's no tool tip on the 'x' for signatures Can I whine and complain and submit an enhancement over meaningless stuff ? (Not directed at anyone, I just deal with stuff like this at work...)
  5. Up in NoVA for now...Hit me up if your in the Area!

  6. It is good to know Scott, Mike and the rest of the FCP crew is still looking out for us. Definitely still my #1 Volvo place, and love that they support our community. Thank you FCP!
  7. RobT5M


  8. I know i'm probably one of the few who ever used the old school Bay13 guides, but, one recommendation i have, is instead of having me click a category, have it where i can also click 'repairs' and it loads up a list view of everything like before(not same color scheme etc, just with all of them listed on 1 page would be nice within categories, don't need previews there imo ). I personally like to go through and look at everything there, and to do that now requires quite a bit more effort...for me at least. Otherwise cool...definitely will take getting used to but w/e.
  9. I watched more porn then average. Chafing occurred.
  10. I DEMAND MY MEMBERSHIP FEE BACK!!!!! o wait.... oh and to anyone who thinks that non paying ppl don't support VS...remember there are Ad's on the website....just sayin...