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  1. The truth: Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years. It is now believed that Bin Laden called the US Navy Seals himself.
  2. What do you mean by AA could not be a toll?
  3. You don't pay a toll for being white. Everybody else pays tolls for not being white. This isn't a blame game either. The basic tenets of civil rights are included in public education: everyone knows that minorities have been oppressed in one way or another (Native Americans, slavery, Japanese internment camps, etc.), that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and that Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, however very little is done to build upon that and apply it to modern day society. If you don't have time for a book, skim this wiki on white privilege. Racism in American society will forever exist, but if you open up your mind a bit you can at least step outside of the norm and perhaps increase your awareness as to just how easy Caucasians have it. That being said, scholarships promote academics and I am all about that, regardless of what demographic they cater to.
  4. You're right, I forgot that after the Civil War, everything became equal. Never mind the whole Civil Rights debacle that did not occur for another 100 years. 1964 didn't even fix the inequalities, it just made them less visible. To think that minorities have had the means to work in a way that was even comparable to Caucasians since slavery was abolished is ridiculous. Couple that with the absurd amount of welfare programs that encourage stagnant lifestyles, as opposed to growth, and there is a very big problem.
  5. Hit the nail on the head. Those that have been discriminated against are also at an economic disadvantage. Whereas most white or Caucasian families have had generations to accumulate wealth, which in turn allows for more opportunity, most minority groups in the broad scheme of things are just catching up because their ability to function in working society was limited. Scholarships exist to level the playing field, but that certainly does not mean groups cannot sponsor white scholarships either. Minority scholarships are more beneficial if we are to work on becoming a true democratic society however, so the idea of a white scholarship is a little ridiculous. American society still caters to the white population in many discrete ways.
  6. Religion paired with ignorance breeds insanity. Religion in itself is a righteous thing, however people manipulate it to satisfy their own needs or because they don't know any better.
  7. ^^ Edit: Damn new page, ^^ doesn't apply anymore :lol:
  8. I see you still have the JMU mindset :lol:
  9. How is torture normal? Torture is so minimal an occurrence relative to problems that occur here in the U.S. every day. Arguing about the merits of torture is an empty argument used for the sake of bolstering one's humanitarian self concept. What exactly will you do about it?
  10. Yeah, actually. Obama and his Congress were spending a ton. In order to make that spending back, the government taxes us. They've been spending a ton of money to the point that people with wealth are losing money simply because the dollar has lost it's weight. Our largest competitor China just dropped our credit rating. Sure the economy is cyclical to a degree, but the catch is that American society has been developing at such a rate that we can't just sit back and wait for it to come full circle. We need a smaller government so that the tax burden across the board is reduced in part to lower government spending.
  11. It's like Captain Hindsight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY_oKve-bH0) has an entourage. Who gives a shit. The past has happened, let's stop picking sides about who was wrong and work with what we have. If people spent as much time bitching about the tanking economy and rampant government as they did about terrorists' feelings, we might actually be making some progress on something tangible.
  12. Fair enough. Talk to ya in 6 :lol:
  13. I feel like the Dems thought they were rich given all of the deficit spending. Interesting to hear you group everyone into one category. There were plenty of Dems and Independents that voted a la Tea Party. Check out the diversity within the elected Republican officials too. Smaller government and less spending won out. I'm not going to cry about it.
  14. Good thing Fox News won all those elections.
  15. Elaborate on your extensive knowledge of teaching. I'm formulating a response but would love to hear what being a teacher has to do with anything. Don't take this the wrong way either, I'm genuinely interested in others' opinions on the position of teachers in the world.
  16. Dems can and will defend themselves if they have the means to do so. Teabaggers are winning because they have support. National health care pisses a lot of people off. Tax cuts should be extended. If you tax big business, they won't hire more, and there is less incentive for innovation because new ideas will suffer at the expense of balancing the budget in order to garner g'ment support. Obama is great, he's just caught up in the system.* *PUI** **posting under the influence
  17. My reply was meant to mock the responses that will divert from addressing direct issues and skirt back towards claiming opposition to liberal ideals is ignorant and baseless. I agree that Obama and his administration have a Socialist hue, and that the government has also run amok to a certain degree.
  18. Criminals will get their guns. It's really not that hard to get your silencer/autoload classification (at least here; i know a lot of LEO here). Gun regulation only restricts those who abide by it. I'll reevaluate this tomorrow morning :lol:
  19. JMU just beat Virginia Tech. Hell yeah Dukes!
  20. Community wasn't the cause. FBI was. One of the sections of government I truly appreciate. :lol: