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  1. Umm yeah. Yeah it was. ;)
  2. Nice to know there are real alternatives. Someone should start a sticky thread for that.
  3. For the housing or the bolts?
  4. So that permatex wasn't a joke? I thought it was pink goo or go home? When did this secret come out?
  5. Ummm two? I thought you went to college? You have 8 fingers. You kids need to try harder.
  6. Got these made for the R. Will get pics of them actually on the seats when I have time to install.
  7. You are the king of google. Just a tip Mike, Hilly aint gonna give you any free shit. Might want to google your next candidate. lol And that's why I love him. Trump train wooooot woooot
  8. Seems now that car is impressive. My boy would have loved that. Your other car is cool too. I am just f'ingredients with you. As for a campaign manager. No I think he has that covered. Thanks for the offer though. As for the rest. I didn't read it as I am sure you got your opinion from the Internet. You can't teach a young socialist new tricks. At least the other vs mod that wants free shit agrees with you huh. That's something. ;-)
  9. Go ahead and make fun of my speech impediment GGreg!
  10. We are NOT the same person! Don't make me go off on you Gregg!
  12. But but but.....I am the one starting shit. lol I must be doing it subliminally as I don't post meme's or call people out unprovoked. The force is strong with me.
  13. I am thinking the later P80's might not have had the additional column braces underneath that I noticed on my 850. Its a flat piece of steel on each side. One going to the a pillar and one going to the center console. Could be wrong though as I have never taken two apart at the same time to compare. Not in all cases but yes I have experienced it.
  14. Just as I find it hilarious how self important you are yet so ignorant. You have no real values yourself so you have to have others construct them for you. Much like you do your cars. ZING! LOL, you talk about my balls for 4 pages but I am the one getting personal. Sounds like you are just reaching for shit now. If you don't want your feelings hurt, don't wait until you think I am gone and swing and run. I have a lot of ignorant people like yourself working for me. I know how to handle you.
  15. What do I have to back up? I am not the one scouring the internet for meme's against trump or any other candidate for that matter. I am sorry that you cant form a thought without someone else's input little buddy but I can. Trump is my candidate. I know that causes you pain and I like it.