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  1. It is almost as bad as these liberal pussies believing that Biden is a good president. I know you dont really believe it but you have to keep that liberal pussy narrative going. Rock on my liberal pussies. Get ready for DeSantis train in 2024. Making America Less Pussy Again. MALPA wooot wooooooooot
  2. You better not discount DeSantis on the GOP side.
  3. Whats up Liberal ass pussies? Just kidding I miss you guys. We cant let old post like this die EVER!
  4. Titties! Makes me want to buy another P80 just so I could rock the duals again.
  5. I know that Aaron sets up his tunes where the cel will blink upon detonation. Is there any way to make the CEL come on solid if the coolant reaches a certain temp? Just curious.
  6. I just got another 98 T5M to play with but for a daily driver I went domestic with a ATS Coupe. Loving it if I do say so myself. Definitely not the Caddy I remember,.
  7. I recognize that car. How is my old silver doing?
  8. I believe I still have one of those new lying around. I bought the last 50 from grillcraft many many moons ago and sold them out of my garage. lol
  9. I havent owned a volvo in 2 years. Thats the longest streak since I picked up the wagon I painted yellow in 2006
  10. Like every president in the last 50 years.
  11. We had our run. I am good with it. As long as he doesnt croak and let that slimey piece of shit Kamala take the helm.
  12. Looks like Cohen took the Liberal bribe money and still fucked you up. lol What are the Liberal pussies going to do now? Is it back to "Trump is a racist"? Thats an oldie but a goodie. lol Trump train baby wooooooooot wooooooooooot.
  13. I seem to remember all you liberal pussies talking this same shit in 2016. Keep it up. We dont want you to top the stupid. You liberal pussies are hysterical.
  14. You must truly be an idiot investor if you lost money on the market in 2018. Nevermind, this is the same guy that ran E85 on a stock fuel pump so that answers that. Because only idiots and pussy ass liberals believe that the market was bad. Simple as that. TRUMP TRAIN BABY! And turned it in to BILLIONS. If you need to know how much BILLIONS are, look at the Obama deficit. lol yall are truly as stupid as you look when we see you crying on tv about Russian Collusion or racism when gay liberal actors claim to be beaten by law abiding Republicans in FANTASTIC HATS. TRUMP train baby wooooot wooooot He wont. But get your hopes up. The tears are delicious. He is the best thing to happen to us. Let the pussy ass liberals tear themselves apart from within. Him and Cortez are fucking brilliant. We loves those douche nozzles.