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  1. trump train Wooooot wooooot.
  2. I have a situation that needs to resolve itself before I can do anything but believe me, he and I have talked. ;)
  3. Yall better jump on this. Best deal for the money out there. Do the math!
  4. How are you not burning your shins on that exhaust tip. Holy shit batman.
  5. Then quit texting me late at night asking me what I am wearing. ;) Not my car so call me sometime.
  6. Did some things to the GF's xc90 wheels before paint After Before wheels and roofrack delete After Yes I am a good BF. You should date me. You would see. ;)
  7. Unless its Trump RIGHT? Right? right?
  8. You do know that we spearhead that whole NATO deal right? Does he know what NATO is? I thought Mike was spot on here and I don't say that much do I Mike?
  9. Yep his phone number and evidently the girls call him "John". ;)
  10. Not even close. Its a good deal though.
  11. Was just looking for a good price on oil filters and found that I can get 10 from Rockauto delivered for less than $50. If there is a better deal out there I couldn't find it. PS- Discount code 3479046231714786 will get you an extra 5% off. Gary
  12. He still does this.
  13. I just tucked a screwdriver in on the driver side and tugged it to the left as I pushed the bar in place. Really helped it out as there is a lip in there.
  14. Oh believe me its creepy. well put. Would be a great place to end this thread.
  15. Are you speaking of me or yourself? If yourself you gotta add the whole self important pussy part too. Cant leave that out. No he was referring to me hoping that I wasn't around and he could sit on the bed in the basement of his moms house and laugh about how he got over on me all while gently rubbing himself thru his pajama bottoms and pull ups.