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  1. Carlisle 2016

    Yeah we would definitely fly out.  Just to see it once.  Would also give us time to see some west coast things.
  2. Carlisle 2016

    I am thinking hard about attending the IPD show this year.  Just to mix it up a little.
  3. Sell me the car back and I will buy them.  ;)
  4. P0440/P0455 wierd fix

    Good info here.  Thank you
  5. Aluminum Upper Torque Mount on SS

    I am finding it really hard to believe that 1-  This thing will add anything to the vehicle.  Doesn't even look good. 2-  That it would be a safety factor.  There is no way the brace directs the motor in any direction in an accident that will be severely altered by the billet piece.  Yes I agree that the gauges propelled at your face by an airbag would be a MUCH greater risk to the driver.  3-  It pains me greatly that I have an opinion on anything that is remotely close to KV's opinion.
  6. Carlisle 2016

    I took the gf the last two years.  It was fun.  The 11 month old will be bored shitless though.  Better have a tablet or something for him.  Reserve your hotel room early.
  7. How Your Car Sits

    Cleaned up the T5M and threw on some BBK friendly Saab wheels because you know the BBK is coming.  ;)  Yes I am aware it needs moar lower but there were other things that need attention first.  
  8. Aluminum Upper Torque Mount on SS

    LOL this thread is hilarious.
  9. Cheerleader African Trophy Hunting

    Where did I assume?  You are trying way too hard.  Makes you appear ignorant.  Are you?  Ignorant?
  10. Cheerleader African Trophy Hunting

    How much have you given to this charitable organization?  My bet would be just under $0.  Shoot a cop.  No big deal but shoot a fucking lion and all hell breaks loose.  Society is fucking amazing.
  11. 850 T5M Project: 02 Hpt, M56, Tt, 18T...

    Where in Georgia and for how long?
  12. Carlisle 2016

    Pencil me in.
  13. Thoughts On The Rebel Flag

    Wait?  You're black?
  14. As for the youth of every nation. 
  15. Actually I was going to comment on your judgmental attitude of the American youth but realized that your thought process was as broken as your English so decided the neg rep was enough.  Thanks for caring though,