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  1. P0440/P0455 wierd fix

    Good info here.  Thank you
  2. Aluminum Upper Torque Mount on SS

    I am finding it really hard to believe that 1-  This thing will add anything to the vehicle.  Doesn't even look good. 2-  That it would be a safety factor.  There is no way the brace directs the motor in any direction in an accident that will be severely altered by the billet piece.  Yes I agree that the gauges propelled at your face by an airbag would be a MUCH greater risk to the driver.  3-  It pains me greatly that I have an opinion on anything that is remotely close to KV's opinion.
  3. Question about misfire code.

    All five plugs looked very typically blackened.  No oil or whiting of the electrode. 
  4. Question about misfire code.

    Many times.  
  5. I bought a 98 C70 in pretty good condition but had a code for misfire cylinder 3.  Even though it had the code it runs and idles flawlessly.  I di a full oem tune up (wires/plugs/cap and rotor).  Still runs flawlessly.  Even getting 28 MPGs but the code persists.  The two things I know to check are injectors and compression.  I swapped the injectors last night to find no change today in the code.  I will be checking compression tonight.  SO I guess my two questions are   1-  What is the ecu monitoring that tells it there is a misfire in a specific cylinder? 2-  What else to check if the compression checks out. To reiterate, if there CEL didn't come on I would swear this car is running flawlessly with very good gas mileage and good pep.   Gary
  6. Will do.  Tried to message you but your box must be full or............  ;)
  7. Porsche Boxster S calipers in the front and S60R calipers in the rear. Kit comes with calipers and brackets. Kit uses S60R rotors that are NOT included.. $1300 shipped in the US.  Will knock off $100 if picked up.  Pictures are actual Email is Gary   Trades I am looking for comets Nebulas Very good condition C70 charcoal seat skins  
  8. starter replacement?

    Less time if the original bracket is in place?  Please do tell.  
  9. Rear BBK calipers (S60R or V70R)

    Email me if you have a set to sell.
  10. Carlisle 2016

    I took the gf the last two years.  It was fun.  The 11 month old will be bored shitless though.  Better have a tablet or something for him.  Reserve your hotel room early.
  11. 901 radio in a 850

    Absolutely worth the swap.  Just for the equalizer alone.
  12. How Your Car Sits

    Cleaned up the T5M and threw on some BBK friendly Saab wheels because you know the BBK is coming.  ;)  Yes I am aware it needs moar lower but there were other things that need attention first.  
  13. Beusted Silver - The Build Thread

    How would it have flown out of the valve cover?