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  1. yep and not even close. Probably need 20mm.
  2. Cant find spare parts if nobody douches.........
  3. First thing I do when I get in it is turn off the traction control.
  4. I used to get them for under $400 a set. I sold a bunch of them. My contact is gone though.
  5. It is really fun to drive. Just bought a set of 19" staggered Nismo wheels for it because I am not going to modify it. :) I will text you some pics. amongst all the nudes I send you.
  6. My first and last volvos.
  7. I will not be attending. Possibly next year if I own a Volvo at that time.
  8. Well there is a blast from the past. How have you been?
  9. What happened to the Bishi?
  10. thank you sir. That is quite possible. I still haven't even taken the MBC I bought from you out of the box. its only been what 3 years?
  11. Great sounding and efficient BOV with the samco hose. Took it off my c70 before I sold it. Email is
  12. No. There is no reason why that cluster shouldn't work. Maybe the connector popped out.
  13. I wish
  14. Yes it is. Some cool Canasian took some good pics of it for me way back when.,,,,,,,
  15. Caint kill it.....