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  1. I just got another 98 T5M to play with but for a daily driver I went domestic with a ATS Coupe. Loving it if I do say so myself. Definitely not the Caddy I remember,.
  2. Small one on top of the turbo and the L at the bottom of the intercooler. Please let me know if you have one or both.
  3. Ok so I left for too long and forgot most of what I thought I knew. The IPD project that I just bought has old skool TME springs on it and they are a little lower than I am comfortable with. All 4 corners are actually tucked. I seem to remember HRE or Eibachs being a little more mild. Am I correct here? Let me know fellas. Gary
  4. I see these being run for stereos in a lot of other cars but is there a harness to run one in a volvo yet (p80)? Gary
  5. Actually thinking about a set of refreshed Nebulas or a set of Rota Titans. Thoughts?
  6. Do you still have the eurosport kit? I sorta do but not nearly the deep discounts. Dude got tight on me. Lol
  7. Good info. The rotors are definitely 323 so you're probably very accurate on that also. I'm just excited to be back in the game.
  8. Well, I got her home weekend before last. I cant remember if I poste4d about it but I saw an ad on Autotrader for a 98 T5m but had no pictures. I emailed the guy for a month with no reply and I had given up on it and out of the blue one day he replied. Said it was a former IPD project car and it had 72000 miles. I did some research to find that not only was it an IPD project car but it was featured in a 4 page spread in European Car Magazine. It had every bolt on that IPD sold at that time including a Brembo BBK and a skid plate, TME tune,
  9. So it appears to be the GT2 calipers but that must be a Zeckhausen part number as I cant find any info on the GT2 Brembo caliper.
  10. Please let me know what you have and what you want for it. is easiest. Gary
  11. That page is awesome. Thanks Andy. The car and the calipers wont be in my possession until the 12th. I will get back with an update then. Just heard back from Chirs at IPD. He said Race Technologies actually built the kit for IPD and he gaver me a contact name so that I can contact them. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this car. Now to track down an R front bumper skin.
  12. Getting back into volvo and wanted to see if there was an informed opinion on Fel Pro valve stem seals Thanks Gary
  13. This was from around 1998 and it is NOT the 928 Porsche/S60R kit you usually see. If you have any info please let me know.
  14. I recognize that car. How is my old silver doing?