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  1. Whats the redneck mcguyver shit sticking out of the grill? :) Seriously though, fix that shit.
  2. I painted the nismo wheels a dark steel color and threw them on. 19x9.5 fronts with 245/40s and 19x10.5 rear with 275/35s. I love how they turned out. Breaking out my inner douche for Eric. ;-)
  3. If you want to get rid of it hit me up. ;)
  4. There are actually several out there JRL. You plug them into the changer input and a power supply. Those out there that are P80 stereo savvy know exactly what I am speaking of.
  5. let me know if you have one you are no longer using or could part with. Gary
  6. Its what I do. I drive a G35 coupe yunno!
  7. Must have aux input or XM radio. Gary
  8. But I gave back by purchasing parts from the less fortunate that shouldn't even have parts to sell anyway.
  9. I didn't realize people still come here anymore.
  10. You know you shouldn't get out in the rain with a candy ass right?
  11. Sure was, I made solid money off the 20 or so sets I sold. You know what they say "If you're scared, don't play!"
  12. STOP! your scaring me. ;)
  13. Brad you straight up cray!
  14. yep and not even close. Probably need 20mm.
  15. Cant find spare parts if nobody douches.........