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  1. Did some things to the Olive.....

    No they are much lower profile then the 993 calipers. I can only hope. Not the same caliper. I have had these 4 other times. Much more clearance than the 993.
  2. Did some things to the Olive.....

    If the Boxster calipers fit behind Comets then they will be bright silver. If not then I am leaning towards anthracite aftermarket wheels.
  3. Did some things to the Olive.....

    Got it like 3 weeks ago. Where have you been? ;) This is how I picked it up. $1800 bucks delivered to me from south florida.
  4. Did some things to the Olive.....

  5. Going fast is cool but stopping is sexy as hell!
  6. Said I wasn't going to do it but I did. All 4 for less than $465. Going on the red 850R. Now to decide between red and gold.
  7. Did some things to the Olive.....

    OK, you got me. Not for the Olive but for the red 850R. Got all 4 for less than $465 so I am pumped.
  8. Did some things to the Olive.....

    Pull up a corner and look at the back. It its glossy then its the good stuff/.
  9. Religulous

    Is this something we really wanted made public in this forum son? What the fuck did you just say?
  10. 850R/850 parts for sale

    After you sell the console trim, please let me know who the others are as I also have a perfect center console 850R wood trim that I would sell. You are going to end up pitching the dash. I wish the trim could be removed........
  11. How Your Car Sits

    All good points.
  12. How Your Car Sits

    Do you want me to expose holes in the fenders Greg? Cuz that's how you expose holes in the fenders. ;) How can you not like OEM side markers?
  13. Religulous

    More like a slow roller to third.