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  1. S70 T5M ECU w/ 3 tunes

    Incorrect. Tightmoped man put 3 tunes on my ecu with no chip modification at all. Not doubting what you are selling is a quality product though. Edit- I see Brad is hanging on my nuts again. lol
  2. S70 T5M ECU w/ 3 tunes

    Any ecu has the ability to hold 3+ tunes. I hope they didn't charge you extra for that. Gary
  3. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Yep he is exactly why the lib pussie have no control of anything anymore. lol Yall really chose some fucking winners and still have to rig elections to win trump train baby. woooooot woooooooot. ps- is this where you fantasize abut my saggy nuts or did you ever stop?
  4. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    He is MUCH more the president than any pussy ass liberal. lol TRUMP TRAIN baby wooooooooot woooooooot,. Free shit will be postponed until the liberal pussies rig another election. wooooooot wooooooooot Libs fucked themselves when they got behind the worst candidate in history. Fucking Dahmer would have beaten her. lol Fucking libs. they make me smile.
  5. JaredR's Dad's 1998 Frost Green V70 T5 SE

    Yeah I can promise you he wasn't getting 10+ MPG over what Volvo said the car would do. Its a shame the previous owner couldn't love the car like your dad will.
  6. Peeka Boo, I'm still here!

    No don't. You have the look nailed. I wouldn't change it.
  7. 850R bumpers x 2 For Sale

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to tuck one of those away. Wish I would have.
  8. I am sure by looking at your garage that you could hook me up with both of those.
  9. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Shoe in like that 2017 result? lol "Trump will never be president". lol,. Yall keep em coming. I am loving it!
  10. It was nice meeting you Saturday Doug. I wish I could have watched the dyno session but I had to get my drink on. ;) Let me know if you ever decide to sell that old dated 850....... Gary
  11. How Your Car Sits

    You should really sell that thing to me and get a G35. ;)
  12. Injector swap

    You will be absolutely fine
  13. Aux input for P80 stereo

    friendly reminder
  14. Charcoal 850 Seat Covers

    Lseat were really high quality. Would def buy again.
  15. How Your Car Sits

    for some reason I cant come to grips with the 99 and 00 P80. I don't even know why. S60 I would love if I could find an S60 T5M that wasn't drug thru the mud already.