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  1. No but that does sound like something I would do doesn't it?
  2. LOL, you do realize you just trolled yourself right? This Trump Train stuff is really taking you out of your gain. Back away dude. Good beat evil. Its over for you guys. ;) Jealous fuckers. ;) Love you Kevin but Trump Train woooot wooooot.
  3. Ah so trains cause fascism? Is that what you learned in your liberal 101 class? Right next to the chapter titled. If they don't give us something free then its racist. Why is it the liberal pussies always think anything they disagree with is racist, fascist or old? Why cant you just admit your losers. lol Trump train woooooot woooooooot. Love the butt hurt here. its magical. Keep it coming, or cry. Oh so now Trump instantly created an ISIS threat that you never saw when your president was being a pussy huh? You are hilarious and pathetic. Mostly the latter.
  4. Are you insinuating that's what a jew looks like? Hmmm. Oh and Trump train baby wooooooot woooooooooot. Loving the butt hurt. Keep it coming Mr Srnka.
  5. Yes. Trump train baby wooooooot wooooooot
  6. Openly gay RACIST VP. Don't forget the RACIST part. After all his boss wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. If that aint racist.........wait. I figured it out a long time ago. So did most the country. That's why we are all on the Trump train. woooooot woooot. Stop the butt hurt and embrace. Your candidate was the first loser. At least you have that. ;) You better stop finding facts and stay with the liberal agenda lest you be ostracized here. Luckily I have no problem with it because smart people now have the controls. Trump train baby wooooooot wooooooot.
  7. Love how butt hurt liberals grasp at shit. Trump hates gays but Hillary lovers don't mind insinuating anyone they dislike is gay. Yall need to get your mind right and get on board the Trump Train. Woooooooot woooooooot.
  8. Its really eating at you isn't it. Proved AGAIN that you didn't know shit. Hell even google couldn't help you with this one. lol Trump Train baby woooooooot wooooooot Don't see that happening. Just doing the things that Obama couldn't. Its really not going to be hard for him to be successful. His predecessor left the bar on the ground. lol
  9. Lovin it. Kicked ass and took names. Didn't give a shit what anyone thought. Oh and I doubt seriously he is all out of pussy. He just sends the fat ones packing. ;)
  10. There you go. Now your on board. Trump Train WOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT.
  11. Let me get in one more TRUMP TRAIN WOOOOOT WOOOOT before the lock.
  12. That's the spirit! Trump train wooooooot wooooooot
  13. I tried to tell everybody a storm was coming. ;)
  14. I felt like you do 8 years ago. Might have been on suicide watch if the Hildabeast had won. He is our leader. Lets give him a chance to right the ship.
  15. Obama didn't exactly set the bar very high did he. You need to come to Georgia and get a beer with me. I will pay for the third one.