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  1. PART OUT: 98 S70 T5

    Interested in the front bumper. PM me or email me at
  2. New-to-Me 850R. Stage 0+ Recommendations?

    OK, now that is more clear. Glad we are on the same page. Faith restored. ;)
  3. How Your Car Sits

    Dirty but coming along.
  4. damn oil cooler lines

    You can take the old ones to any hydraulic hose supplier and they can remake the, Got mine redone loacally for $18. I shit you not.
  5. Love posting from my phone. rear seat is what it was supposed to say. Sorry about that
  6. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    No but I have used your mother. ;)
  7. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    Definitely not on and the button indicates "off" but the compressor will not stop until I pull the fuse in the relay box.
  8. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    its a 98
  9. Let me know what you have for it and what yo uneed for it shipped to 31088
  10. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    Sorry, I didn't realize that I didn't clarify. I pulled the relay in the relay box with no change but the fuse in the relay box made the ac cut off. Is there an ac relay under the fuse box also?
  11. New-to-Me 850R. Stage 0+ Recommendations?

    You are clearly not understanding the difference between a flush and a fluid change.
  12. 1998 V70 AC wont shut off?

    Yes, that is the relay I pulled. Weird thing is it worked flawlessly up until that point. Could there be an issue inside the relay box? I agree that it is weird that I can pull the fuse and it stops but the relay does nothing. Are there two wires going to the compressor? If so that is very likely it.
  13. New-to-Me 850R. Stage 0+ Recommendations?

    I will say it again, there is no way I would flush a tranny with over 100K. Anyone that would has never seen a tranny filter. Another argument is, if a tranny is a "clean environment" then there would be absolutely no reason to flush as there would be nothing to flush............
  14. On the way to work yesterday I switched the ac off and the compressor kept running. Pulled the relay. Compressor kept running. pulled the plug on the low pressue sensor. Compressor kept running. Only stopped when I pulled the fuse. Anyone had this happen before and might know what to check? I pulled and swapped the controller and no change. Help me out if you have ever seen this before.
  15. New-to-Me 850R. Stage 0+ Recommendations?

    It knocks crud loose. I have heard more damage done then good when a car is over 100K miles.