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  1. Politics On Politics.

    Democrat: "I'm getting ZERO dollars back from these tax cuts!!!" Smart adult: "How much do you make a year?" Democrat: "$30,000...why?" Smart adult: "Then you will pay $0 in federal income tax after the new standard deduction. Why would you get money back when you paid none to begin with?" :::awkward silence::: Democrat: "HOMOPHOBIC RUSSIAN SPY RACIST WOMAN HATER PRO-LIFE SCUM BAG!!!!!!!" I know this is going to shock you but I disagree. I think we should discuss it at Carlisle over a cookie. ;)
  2. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Guess you were wrong huh? lol Still rolling. You should probably dontate all the money you save on the tax cut to Kevin, Eric or some other pussy ass liberal looking for a handout. Trump train baby woooooooooot woooooooooooot
  3. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Yep, thats the dude that fucked it up for all the pussy ass libs right there. He is my new hero. Without him we wouldnt have the TRUMP TRAIN BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT
  4. Politics On Politics.

    That dumpster fire is lowering your taxes. Isnt that what its all about for you? Paying less and getting shit for free? The market is exploding. How many of you are gonna slit your wrists when he gets elected again because its going to happen! What a wonderful time to be an Americean. TRUMP TRAIN baby woooooooot woooooooooot You still dont believe that shit do you? Its gonna be a hard 7 years for you but I will love it for you. lol
  5. PART OUT: 98 S70 T5

    Interested in the front bumper. PM me or email me at
  6. How Your Car Sits

    Dirty but coming along.
  7. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Yep he is exactly why the lib pussie have no control of anything anymore. lol Yall really chose some fucking winners and still have to rig elections to win trump train baby. woooooot woooooooot. ps- is this where you fantasize abut my saggy nuts or did you ever stop?
  8. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    He is MUCH more the president than any pussy ass liberal. lol TRUMP TRAIN baby wooooooooot woooooooot,. Free shit will be postponed until the liberal pussies rig another election. wooooooot wooooooooot Libs fucked themselves when they got behind the worst candidate in history. Fucking Dahmer would have beaten her. lol Fucking libs. they make me smile.
  9. 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Shoe in like that 2017 result? lol "Trump will never be president". lol,. Yall keep em coming. I am loving it!
  10. How Your Car Sits

    You should really sell that thing to me and get a G35. ;)
  11. How Your Car Sits

    for some reason I cant come to grips with the 99 and 00 P80. I don't even know why. S60 I would love if I could find an S60 T5M that wasn't drug thru the mud already.
  12. How Your Car Sits

    I don't go to the forums as I work on my own cars and don't need to meet people to do my work. I do vape but only the juices that your mother sends me and you don't want to know where she gets them from (hint its about 2 inches from her butthole). I do agree the S70 was nice but sometimes its time to move on. G
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Weirdly we pronounce it House-ton but then again this is Georgia. ;)
  14. How Your Car Sits

    Well, silver is off to Cali soon. Will be Volvo-less for the first time in 11 years and after 29 Volvos. ;(
  15. How Your Car Sits

    It's definitely something to consider. I'll probably always have a Volvo but I won't modify one again. They are gold with red Brembo logo. They are going to be red with white brenbi logo pretty quickly though.