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  1. Bought these for the s70 but didn't have It long enough to put them on. They fit the p80 exhaust cutout perfectly. 85 plus actual shipping for one. 150 plus actual shipping for both.
  2. Did you inadvertently add a zero to the end of the price?
  3. no and yes. Yes, I threw it out thinking the guy would go away and he said "can I pick it up saturday". Did you really need to post that here? You could have easily put that in my previous post. Wasnt the plan but I would have been a fool to say no.
  4. Well number 36 (probably the last) left my garage today. A local guy knew the story about the car and made an offer I battled with but knew I couldn't refuse. Not sure how long I will be volvoless this time but I know I won't find a nicer one.
  5. so I recently put the C70 subframe and rear subframe brace in and was wondering if the front brace from the c70 would firm it up even more. Its the one that ties the front and the rear of the subframe together. V shaped.
  6. Just the insert is fine. Looking for front 0assenger and rear driver side doors. Gary
  7. I know that Aaron sets up his tunes where the cel will blink upon detonation. Is there any way to make the CEL come on solid if the coolant reaches a certain temp? Just curious.
  8. I just got another 98 T5M to play with but for a daily driver I went domestic with a ATS Coupe. Loving it if I do say so myself. Definitely not the Caddy I remember,.
  9. I recognize that car. How is my old silver doing?
  10. I believe I still have one of those new lying around. I bought the last 50 from grillcraft many many moons ago and sold them out of my garage. lol
  11. I havent owned a volvo in 2 years. Thats the longest streak since I picked up the wagon I painted yellow in 2006
  12. Like every president in the last 50 years.
  13. We had our run. I am good with it. As long as he doesnt croak and let that slimey piece of shit Kamala take the helm.
  14. Looks like Cohen took the Liberal bribe money and still fucked you up. lol What are the Liberal pussies going to do now? Is it back to "Trump is a racist"? Thats an oldie but a goodie. lol Trump train baby wooooooooot wooooooooooot.
  15. I seem to remember all you liberal pussies talking this same shit in 2016. Keep it up. We dont want you to top the stupid. You liberal pussies are hysterical.
  16. You must truly be an idiot investor if you lost money on the market in 2018. Nevermind, this is the same guy that ran E85 on a stock fuel pump so that answers that. Because only idiots and pussy ass liberals believe that the market was bad. Simple as that. TRUMP TRAIN BABY! And turned it in to BILLIONS. If you need to know how much BILLIONS are, look at the Obama deficit. lol yall are truly as stupid as you look when we see you crying on tv about Russian Collusion or racism when gay liberal actors claim to be beaten by law abiding Republicans in FANTASTIC HATS. TRUMP train baby wooooot wooooot He wont. But get your hopes up. The tears are delicious. He is the best thing to happen to us. Let the pussy ass liberals tear themselves apart from within. Him and Cortez are fucking brilliant. We loves those douche nozzles.
  17. LOL, here we go again with the "pay my way" bullshit. If you want more in life work harder. Your life goals need to include paying your own way. Simple as that.
  18. Another $169 BILLION repatriated in the 2nd quarter. Now $464 BILLION in the first half of 2018 alone! this represents 25% of overseas cash that our companies have had sitting idle during the Obama years. Companies FINALLY paying tax on that cash because rates are low enough. Finally makes sense to bring it home, and put it to work...invested in American ventures. Trump waving his "magic wand". Jobs coming back. Every policy of Barack's is getting unwound, and massive prosperity and investment is the result. Socialism is being repudiated by actual RESULTS every single day. Media tells us that Americans hate record high GDP, record high Tax collections, record high wages, and record high measured optimism. Media tells us that Americans hate record low unemployment for minorities, youth, and those without a high school diploma. Media tells us that America is about to vote in a massive BLUE WAVE to RESIST all this prosperity. EVERY SINGLE DEM IN CONGRESS voted against the tax rate cuts. Let that sink in.
  19. Good cuz i hate you...............a lot.
  20. Finally went P2. Twice actually as the first was hit and totaled 2 months after I got it. Here is the current one. Pretty much where its going to be as I have a 98 T5M coming.
  21. Democrat: "I'm getting ZERO dollars back from these tax cuts!!!" Smart adult: "How much do you make a year?" Democrat: "$30,000...why?" Smart adult: "Then you will pay $0 in federal income tax after the new standard deduction. Why would you get money back when you paid none to begin with?" :::awkward silence::: Democrat: "HOMOPHOBIC RUSSIAN SPY RACIST WOMAN HATER PRO-LIFE SCUM BAG!!!!!!!" I know this is going to shock you but I disagree. I think we should discuss it at Carlisle over a cookie. ;)
  22. Guess you were wrong huh? lol Still rolling. You should probably dontate all the money you save on the tax cut to Kevin, Eric or some other pussy ass liberal looking for a handout. Trump train baby woooooooooot woooooooooooot
  23. Yep, thats the dude that fucked it up for all the pussy ass libs right there. He is my new hero. Without him we wouldnt have the TRUMP TRAIN BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT