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  1. Gay is a religion? I do pray that you never have children but if you do have a daughter. Would you want her to be using a public restroom and have a man come in and whip his pecker out to take a piss. Why does that child deserve that confusion? Also, Can you guarantee that NO trans genders are EVER perverts? Lastly, If this person spent 75% of their entire life dropping sticks in the mens bathroom, why is it offensive to ask that they continue to drop sticks in the mens bathroom? Just seems like all this is about is for a VERY small group of people to have something to feel slighted over. That is my opinion. Trump train! wooooooooooooot wooooooooooooooooot
  2. Bernie makes my pole move more than Hillary that's for damn sure. ;)
  3. Trump has done more stuff and will continue to do more stuff until the stuff is all poking done. Trump boat baby. mmmmmm mmmmmmmm
  4. Trump train baby. wooooot wooooooot. Gonna make Merica great again. monkey all the haters. ;)
  5. Cmon man. You gotto go Bernie Boat mmmmm mmmmmm or something! Women haters wooot wooot. See what I did there Kevin? I have no idea what the monkey you just said but I am going to up arrow you for trying.
  6. What is your commute? I do 75 miles a day and then two 1000 mile round trips a month to see my son. My low mileage days are long over.
  7. I guess if you are good with Obama hanging his hat on that than so am I. Woooooot Woooooot. I know somebody gave you that entire coherent thought because the English was excellent. Trump train. Woooooot. Woooooot. Now that was a reach. Lol
  8. Scary thing is the street 3 over is Peachtree lane.
  9. All settled in the new house.
  10. I am down with Don Cornelius. Not gonna take the argue bait. Soooooooooooouuuuuulllllll Train. Shut up Kevin Nope never expected you to care especially. That's why I asked Chuck to find it. Which he did. Thank Chuck. But you can win if you want to. You and Trump! Trump Plane and Soooooul Train. woooot wooosh wooot wooosh. I was kinda wanting to see a Bjork kinda happening. I have to say thank you for that though. Thank you.
  11. Changed it from "ok lol". Don't get all pregnant on me. Just curious where it was going. Sorry, Obama will always be the douche president to anyone that attempts to take care of themselves. Only those with their hand out thing he is anything but that.
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  14. Evidently you were hoping for a different answer. lol
  15. Naw, he is Mensa compared to the other 3 losers. Straight up Mensa. Him and me both.
  16. There you go again assuming that I have thought that far ahead. Shame on you Alain.
  17. Up until that last post I was. Well that one and the previous asking fudgie the question he is artfully dodging now.
  18. My take on that is. Name one president that actually did what he promised to do when he was campaigning. I am confidant that we will be the empty suit that every other president not named Reagan was. The thing that makes him attractive is the fact that both parties are terrified that the money train will stop if he is elected. On to the next part of your question. Will we care what the world thinks? God I wish we wouldn't. Its time we stopped worrying about anything outside the continental US that isn't going to harm us. Pull out of the United Nations and turn around and grab our crotch as we leave. Has there ever been more of a one sided relationship outside of marriage? Really?
  19. fudge- Did you really delete the picture of my son? The Hillary thing is funny. Good one on you, but tell me you didn't delete the photo of my son.
  20. If you were even on my radar I would be offended. Move along child before you get a swift kick.
  21. Homophob? Correct I am not. Racist? Also not. Pot stirrer? On occasion. Ready for somebody (trump) to turn over the whole Republican applecart? Absolutely! What is this trolling you speak of? I am not familiar with that term.
  22. Bingo. You are the winner on this one. Trump plane wooooosh woooooosh