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  1. Anyone have a bin file for 1) 98 XC70 2) 98 GLT 3) 97 GLT (LPT) If so if you could PM me I would greatly appreciate it. Gary
  2. question- If the rear o2 is turned off, do you still have to have one plugged in? The reason I ask is I had a little mishap with my rear o2 wiring dancing with the steering shaft and it ripped my car side o2 plug apart. I am hoping turning it off is an option because plugging an o2 in isn't an option at the moment. Gary
  3. I wonder why, after reading this whole thread, my hand smells like my penis.
  4. Got a link to the for sale ad?
  5. Get the Florida and Alabama guys in here. Alan? Rob? Matty? Dougy? Phil?
  6. Yellow95

    Eriks 850

    Still want to sell it?
  7. Any pics of the vents you added to the valve cover?
  8. Aaron- Can you explain what is involved to repin a 4.4 ecu for use in a 4.3 850 (regarding A/C)? Is the modification pretty basic?
  9. You guys are rude and insensitive. That is somebody's retarded daughter!
  10. You should have waited. She got even dumber.
  11. I dont know enough about the cause to form an opinion. Knee jerk for me is that city government should share in that blame. Where did you live in the South?