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  1. First thing I do when I get in it is turn off the traction control.
  2. It is really fun to drive. Just bought a set of 19" staggered Nismo wheels for it because I am not going to modify it. :) I will text you some pics. amongst all the nudes I send you.
  3. My first and last volvos.
  4. I will not be attending. Possibly next year if I own a Volvo at that time.
  5. What happened to the Bishi?
  6. Yes it is. Some cool Canasian took some good pics of it for me way back when.,,,,,,,
  7. Wont affect me but that's because I don't have the liberal agenda of "let the government take care of me" when I get old. Most people with any self respect at all don't want hand outs. They have a plan. Why is that bad? Could it not be that he is a closet pussy ass liberal that cant get his mouth off of Obama's clit? You people that think Obamacare was good are either lying to yourselves or trying to sell us that same bullshit. Was it just easier to stomach because Obama acted like he cared as he ass fucked you? Did he call you after or take you to dinner? What about a reach around? Trump Train baby woooot woooot. OUR PRESIDENT!
  8. He was rich so he never met them. Trump Train baby. Keep crying but the fact is HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT. WOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT Keeping this quote right next to the "he will never be president" one. :)
  9. As usual you dismiss the original poster because it doesn't fit your agenda. You somehow missed the part here he called me an asshole huh? lol You are truly a joke as a moderator. I realize that it is all you have in your pathetic life though so I give you a pass. Oh and trump train. wooooot woooooot. I win trump train. woooot woooot words words words. Didn't even read. Trump train. wooooot wooooot
  10. Yellow95

    Eriks 850

    Did he do the work? That made me laugh until I peed a little bit. :)
  11. Or like how when pussy liberals support a piece of shit for president then protest when the REAL candidate whips her ass. Kinda like that? That kind of speak has no place on VS. These kids on here project themselves as liberals but can accept NOTHING but what they believe in. Everything else irrational in their eyes. A person has the right to believe ANYTHING they want to believe. I don't fault Kevin for not believing it just so happens that I don't share his beliefs. With that I just want to add Trump Train baby. woooooooooot woooooooooot (For Erik). You did what? ;) Because they are WINNERS!
  12. Your hurtful loser speak does not bother me loser. Comes across as fake because I could really give a shit about politics. I just love irritating know it all but do nothings like yourself. Every time you reply I rejoice knowing I made a tear well up in one of those little beady eyes of yours. PS- You still want to see my saggy sack? PM me and I will send you another picture. Try not to "stain" this one.
  13. That's loser speak. You do it well though so don't give up. Never give up......loser! :) Yes I do. Trump Train. wooooooot wooooooot. I love you man! Passive aggressive and these nimrods don't even see it. I wish those that really said that would pack their shit and go though. That would already be more good than Obama and the piece of shit liberals have done in 50 years. Lotta butthurt going on here. lol
  14. Winner gets to pick. That's how it works. Don't back loser pieces of shit and you wont have to be butt hurt for so long. lol
  15. Don't worry Kevin. Even though you are an adult there is always going to be some group that will fund something so you don't have to man up and support yourself.
  16. No but that does sound like something I would do doesn't it?
  17. LOL, you do realize you just trolled yourself right? This Trump Train stuff is really taking you out of your gain. Back away dude. Good beat evil. Its over for you guys. ;) Jealous fuckers. ;) Love you Kevin but Trump Train woooot wooooot.
  18. Ah so trains cause fascism? Is that what you learned in your liberal 101 class? Right next to the chapter titled. If they don't give us something free then its racist. Why is it the liberal pussies always think anything they disagree with is racist, fascist or old? Why cant you just admit your losers. lol Trump train woooooot woooooooot. Love the butt hurt here. its magical. Keep it coming, or cry. Oh so now Trump instantly created an ISIS threat that you never saw when your president was being a pussy huh? You are hilarious and pathetic. Mostly the latter.
  19. Are you insinuating that's what a jew looks like? Hmmm. Oh and Trump train baby wooooooot woooooooooot. Loving the butt hurt. Keep it coming Mr Srnka.
  20. Yes. Trump train baby wooooooot wooooooot
  21. Openly gay RACIST VP. Don't forget the RACIST part. After all his boss wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. If that aint racist.........wait. I figured it out a long time ago. So did most the country. That's why we are all on the Trump train. woooooot woooot. Stop the butt hurt and embrace. Your candidate was the first loser. At least you have that. ;) You better stop finding facts and stay with the liberal agenda lest you be ostracized here. Luckily I have no problem with it because smart people now have the controls. Trump train baby wooooooot wooooooot.
  22. Love how butt hurt liberals grasp at shit. Trump hates gays but Hillary lovers don't mind insinuating anyone they dislike is gay. Yall need to get your mind right and get on board the Trump Train. Woooooooot woooooooot.