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  1. Looking at buying a 1997 GLT for my wife. Wanted to know if a t-5 ecu and the 15G off of my T-5 would make this thing a pseudo T-5, or are there other variables I am not seeing. Gary
  2. Are you just curious, or truly considering parting with it? Gary
  3. No, I am pretty sure it was the brokeback don't go around the word filter k thx bye blue volvo hanging out the tailpipe. You know the one, that one that the dude is all proud cuz he has this cheapo FMIC on it. Yeah that one. Sucked it right up my tailpipe on 595. I am sure that the old lady that surely owned that slovo must have been pissed. Gary
  4. Well, It didnt happen. I took my ramps with me today with the check, and the guy went ballistic, told me he decided not to sell it. I left quick before I beat his what part of don't go around the freaking word filter don't you understand in front of his wife. I wanted a yellow sedan bad, but I couldnt help but smile on the way home knowing I caught this bastard trying to get over on me. I figure it had a bad rms plus more. The garage floor was stained pretty bad. So my quest for the third yellow continues. Gary
  5. The good- 1- Interior is very nice with only slight wear to the driver side bolster. 2- Starts and idles great, runs out smooth 3- Comes with 5 (count em) Titan wheels 4- A/C is cold 5- CD Changer in the trunk 6- Timing belt has been changed 7- Front air Darn is not cracked anywhere 8- Absolutely 0 door dings The Bad 1- Spoiler is badly faded 2- Skirts are faded 3- Driver front fender is dented and creased just after the turn signal (about the size of a golfball) 4- Front bumper gray top is creased on The passenger side and will need to be replaced 5- Leaking power steering fluid (dont know if from rack or pump) 6- Unable to get up under it and take a look at the rear main seal or oil pan Car has 130000 miles. They let me see emails from the first potential buyer that was out of state and could not make it by today. He offered $4750 and they accepted, so I am confident if I offer $4750 they will accept. My question- Would you pay $4750 for a yellow R like I just described? Let me know your thoughts. I have until tomorrow morning at 9:00 am to decide. Gary
  6. I know but how could I let it get by? Did you see the pics in the showroom forum? The good thing is I can swap all mods (except the IPD ECU) right over to the R. I am selling the mustang, so i will definitely have room. I just cant let it go. It goes to the mechanic friday. If it checks out, then its mine. Does anyone have any other yellow cars I can buy? Gary
  7. Where does your mom live? Gary
  8. It is currently owned by this old rich dude. The car is in excellent shape. The pegs have a little rach, but nothing that cant be fixed. If anyone wants pics, pm me and I will send em to you, I just wont tell you where it is. Gary
  9. I am in the process of selling the de-modding the stang and selling it. If I get the 95, I will switch all the mods over to the 95 and sell the wagon too (maybe). Gary
  10. Condition seems very good. Comes with 2 sets of wheels 5 pegs and some bunk looking 15"s that are on there now. What turbo came on the 95R? Is $5400 good for a yellow 95 with 130000 miles? Gary
  11. Does anyone have a picture of what you are talking about? I have no clue. Mine obviously was gone when I got the car. Gary
  12. Can you take a pic of what you are talking about?
  13. I called around Ft Myers, and there is no glass place here that can/will take the pits out of my jeweled lenses.;( Gary
  14. Does it come with a template? How high does it stick up on the hood? Gary Also, could you measure it length and width? I am thinking about adding one to the back of the hood for heat relief.
  15. Worthless why? Because you have no knowledge of what we are talking about? I guarantee that you had no idea what your FP was at any level. This board is for debate. Sorry if I dont join your group of "throw an ecu and injectors at it and be done" people. I am glad JCViggen piped up to correct me. I wont attack or ridicule just because I dont agree. He is probably right, and if so, thats exactly why I posted this info. To bring information to the table. I know you dont need it because your sole purpose on this board is to be as condescending as possible. Just stick with your little posse of 16 year olds that think big injectors mean huge horsepower. Myself and others are here to learn. JC- Thanks for the info. I am still having trouble stomaching it, but I am coming around. Gary
  16. I didnt learn that in basic math. I am just telling you that when you have a pressure differential of 4-1 (60 lbs of fuel vs 15 lbs of boost) the additional pressure needed to overcome the manifold pressure is not 1 for 1. If all variables where equal, then you are correct, it would be a one for one trade off. Gary
  17. Understood, but surely you dont believe that fuel that is already pressurized to 45 lbs at 0 boost needs 60 lbs to squirt against 15 lbs of pressure? The FPR is also set up that way for fuel enrichment. Gary
  18. I would agree, but name one person on here short of Chuck that knows what their duty cycle is at a given load? Even if that holds true. I say it again, dont get bigger injectors unless you know what your A/F (or duty cycle) is at maximum load. How is that? Gary
  19. So, you are saying that checking A/F's before you get larger injectors is dumb? I think that is ummm dumb. Gary
  20. Do you have the S60R manifold, or are you looking at it to remedy the problem? Another option is to sell the pipe to me, and get another. Gary