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  1. Its really eating at you isn't it. Proved AGAIN that you didn't know shit. Hell even google couldn't help you with this one. lol Trump Train baby woooooooot wooooooot Don't see that happening. Just doing the things that Obama couldn't. Its really not going to be hard for him to be successful. His predecessor left the bar on the ground. lol
  2. Lovin it. Kicked ass and took names. Didn't give a shit what anyone thought. Oh and I doubt seriously he is all out of pussy. He just sends the fat ones packing. ;)
  3. There you go. Now your on board. Trump Train WOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT.
  4. Let me get in one more TRUMP TRAIN WOOOOOT WOOOOT before the lock.
  5. That's the spirit! Trump train wooooooot wooooooot
  6. I tried to tell everybody a storm was coming. ;)
  7. I felt like you do 8 years ago. Might have been on suicide watch if the Hildabeast had won. He is our leader. Lets give him a chance to right the ship.
  8. Obama didn't exactly set the bar very high did he. You need to come to Georgia and get a beer with me. I will pay for the third one.
  9. Eric- How do those saggy balls taste now? At least you can take solice in the fact that your vote did in deed not count. Kevin- I still love you. To all those that said you would leave if he is elected, send me a link to your gofundme page TRUMP TRAIM BITCHES WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOT
  10. You must have watched something nobody else saw. Every news channel out there is saying it was a wash either way. That there was no clear cut winner. To hate trump is a choice but to support a woman that caused the death of at least 3 people that we know of is incomprehensible to me. There are many seals out there that would stand in line to slit her throat and I would pay good money to see that happen. Its a shame that the lives of men that protect this country mean less to some then an ignorant "anybody but trump" mantra.
  11. How are you not burning your shins on that exhaust tip. Holy shit batman.
  12. Then quit texting me late at night asking me what I am wearing. ;) Not my car so call me sometime.
  13. Did some things to the GF's xc90 wheels before paint After Before wheels and roofrack delete After Yes I am a good BF. You should date me. You would see. ;)
  14. You do know that we spearhead that whole NATO deal right? Does he know what NATO is? I thought Mike was spot on here and I don't say that much do I Mike?
  15. Oh believe me its creepy. well put. Would be a great place to end this thread.
  16. Are you speaking of me or yourself? If yourself you gotta add the whole self important pussy part too. Cant leave that out. No he was referring to me hoping that I wasn't around and he could sit on the bed in the basement of his moms house and laugh about how he got over on me all while gently rubbing himself thru his pajama bottoms and pull ups.
  17. Ummm two? I thought you went to college? You have 8 fingers. You kids need to try harder.
  18. Got these made for the R. Will get pics of them actually on the seats when I have time to install.
  19. You are the king of google. Just a tip Mike, Hilly aint gonna give you any free shit. Might want to google your next candidate. lol And that's why I love him. Trump train wooooot woooot
  20. Seems now that car is impressive. My boy would have loved that. Your other car is cool too. I am just f'ingredients with you. As for a campaign manager. No I think he has that covered. Thanks for the offer though. As for the rest. I didn't read it as I am sure you got your opinion from the Internet. You can't teach a young socialist new tricks. At least the other vs mod that wants free shit agrees with you huh. That's something. ;-)
  21. Go ahead and make fun of my speech impediment GGreg!
  22. We are NOT the same person! Don't make me go off on you Gregg!