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  1. Can you take a pic of what you are talking about?
  2. I called around Ft Myers, and there is no glass place here that can/will take the pits out of my jeweled lenses.;( Gary
  3. Does it come with a template? How high does it stick up on the hood? Gary Also, could you measure it length and width? I am thinking about adding one to the back of the hood for heat relief.
  4. Worthless why? Because you have no knowledge of what we are talking about? I guarantee that you had no idea what your FP was at any level. This board is for debate. Sorry if I dont join your group of "throw an ecu and injectors at it and be done" people. I am glad JCViggen piped up to correct me. I wont attack or ridicule just because I dont agree. He is probably right, and if so, thats exactly why I posted this info. To bring information to the table. I know you dont need it because your sole purpose on this board is to be as condescending as possible. Just stick with your little posse of 16 year olds that think big injectors mean huge horsepower. Myself and others are here to learn. JC- Thanks for the info. I am still having trouble stomaching it, but I am coming around. Gary
  5. I didnt learn that in basic math. I am just telling you that when you have a pressure differential of 4-1 (60 lbs of fuel vs 15 lbs of boost) the additional pressure needed to overcome the manifold pressure is not 1 for 1. If all variables where equal, then you are correct, it would be a one for one trade off. Gary
  6. Understood, but surely you dont believe that fuel that is already pressurized to 45 lbs at 0 boost needs 60 lbs to squirt against 15 lbs of pressure? The FPR is also set up that way for fuel enrichment. Gary
  7. I would agree, but name one person on here short of Chuck that knows what their duty cycle is at a given load? Even if that holds true. I say it again, dont get bigger injectors unless you know what your A/F (or duty cycle) is at maximum load. How is that? Gary
  8. So, you are saying that checking A/F's before you get larger injectors is dumb? I think that is ummm dumb. Gary
  9. Do you have the S60R manifold, or are you looking at it to remedy the problem? Another option is to sell the pipe to me, and get another. Gary
  10. Kevin will no longer be offering his opinion on this topic as I have banned him. Chuck- What are your thoughts, and dont just disagree with me to get my goat. Gary
  11. Wow, then I must be bending rods every time I hit the fuel cut. My rods are now pretzels huh? I feel so dumb now. You cant honestly think that throwing injectors at the motor without knowing your A/F is smart. Didnt say that there is no way you need bigger injectors, but I am saying 98.9% of the people on this site dont. Gary
  12. Hmmm, I have my injectors on my KB set to go stagnant (wide open) at WOT. Been like that for 6 years. Ford must make really good injectors. Besides, I hardly think my injectors are at 100% duty cycle on the volvo. Gary
  13. These are fuel pressure readings from my 97 T-5. Idle fuel pressure (16 inches of vac) 38 lbs 0 vac 45 lbs of FP 7 lbs boost- 52 lbs of FP 15 lbs of boost- 60 lbs of FP. When injectors are rated for lbs per minute or cc's, they are rated at 32 lbs of fuel pressure. At 60 lbs of pressure, you are almost doubling the fuel output. of each injector. I am not saying that none of you need bigger injectors, but I am saying dont go bigger unless a wideband says you are leaning out. My .02 Gary
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