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  1. Veal, now you are insulting veal? Really? They are obviously elephant trunks.
  2. Yep and all you could come up with is a shitty first lady stab. I am shocked you didn't take a dig at Marcus Luttrell for surviving the attack, or Giuliani for the tower coming down (we know you blame that on Bush) but if you didn't have something to cut and paste you got nothing. Keep digging. Maybe you will find where the limo driver that took them to the convention had a speeding ticket from 10 years earlier. Keep the computer up. I am sure you will get something. Have faith. Your candidate's husband had an intern suck his dick while in office. I am sure in your mind copying parts of 3 sentences of a speech is worse. lol In the end both mean nothing but hold on to that. Its all you got. ;)
  3. Yeah and with Hillary supporters that fear is masked by total ignorance. I guess if you claim not to know how ill prepared she is to take office then you cant be blamed for electing ole cankles.
  4. 24 hours of digging and that's all you could find huh? Sad that even those shitty internet rag sites you frequent are realizing the fact that a storms coming. Keep worrying about the First Lady. At least you have that. ;) PS- I bet Hillary is drooling thinking about sitting at the desk that Monica knelt behind. I bet it makes her so wet that she had to call Huma in for a private session.
  5. Mike that source looks sound. Lol Trump has owned over 900 businesses and 7 went bankrupt. Hillary has owned one. Guess what. It went bankrup . I know you really want to believe that he is a bad businessman but there is proof to the contrary. I probably wouldn't be a Trumpeteer (see what I did there) if hillary wasn't such a slimy piece of shit. I honestly the that people are so blinded in their hate for trump that they can't see what the alternative is.
  6. And that candidate will be better than any Liberal, socialist in the last 50 years. Trump train. Wooot woooooot
  7. Mike, I guess you haven't read anything about Whitewater?, Benghazi? Home servers? LOL I don't even have to dig up links. Every one else see's it . LOL Trump Train. wooooot wooooot There is a storm coming and it wont include any of the free shit you two where hoping for. He has to figure out what the next "free stuff" angle will be. 7 years too late.
  8. Exactly what every Trump supporter wants. Corruption isn't just a Liberal trait. The fat ass money taking Pubs need to go away also. Time for change. Trump will get us there.
  9. That would work to. King Trump. Wooot woooot.
  10. LOL ok. You really need to stop believing everything you read.
  11. LOL, you forgot to add that Trump hates Mexicans, Muslims and he is a racist. Those three things fall into the same "bullshit" category as what you listed.
  12. Doesn't really matter. The fix is in. Trump will get more votes but Hillary will be the next president and the pussification of America that Obama started will continue. There are too many politicians padding their wallet with lobbyist money etc that will lose too much if Trump is elected. No way they let that happen. The good that will come out of it is the wake up call. Americans will finally start to see what is going on. The distrust for Washington will intensify it will either tear this country apart or find a way to begin changing it. Either way Trump will have done more for the US then the Obama (piece of shit) and that lying cunt Hillary. We gonna do this again?
  13. You think Hillary is a leader and I need to grow up? lol
  14. I gotta say I agree with Kevin here. I am pretty sure Comey didn't want to wake up dead one morning. I hate to be that conspiracy guy but this verdict smells worse that Hillary's privates.
  15. I have seen it. Well I haven't seen the poop because he in fact does not make it.
  16. I have never seen a picture of it on jackstands.
  17. Pussies! Seriously though. I don't know what you are doing to fuck them up but every set I have had (over 9) has had a ride quality just slightly more harsh than OEM. Not a single person that has ever ridden in one of my cars has thought the ride was harsh. Could have something to do with road quality I guess.
  18. Wait, they make calculators that fit in your pocket?
  19. Sachs and IPD blues work VERY well for me. If you want a little softer go Monroes.
  20. What struts are you running? I am running 215/45-17 Kumho ecsta on the 850 and same exact setup on the S70 running same size Michelins. Love both of them with the sachs struts.
  21. IPD blues and Sachs. Only struts I run are sachs, TC's and monroes believe it or not. Not that there aren't others as good. These combos have just worked for me.