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  1. Explain to me why there is no Elite socialist country in the world. Because socialism is a great concept but doesn't work in the real world. There's a reason why the US has all the best surgeons all the best chemists all the best engineers. The reasons called capitalism.
  2. I'm sure in your mind you've totally justified your point. To me I don't see it at all. So explain away to yourself if that makes you feel better.
  3. Best Trump line so far. 'Socialism isn't a rising tide that raises all boats. Its a wave of globalism that drowns our middle class and our jobs along with it." Hillary's best line to date. "I don't remember". Bernies- Not gonna lie. I have no clue what his is.
  4. That will NEVER happen. Dude you really need to go find another "person" to yearn for. Your advances are getting tiring. let the big boys talk here. Back on topic now that the creeper has been dismissed. Kevin, do you have a link where he said that (about overturning gay marriage)? I have not seen that. Might be the first thing that I disagree with though I hate saying that as it gives Alden hope. ;)
  5. Kind of like Bernie saying he will raise min wage to $15.
  6. Hey saggy labia. I really hope I don't have to explain to you why private universities cost more than public do I? Really? Really? Really?
  7. I would have loved to seen the personal attack. Please don't hesitate to PM it to me. You're contradicting the last few posts in this thread. You're as old as I am so there's no way you had it bad. We all had a good back in the day remember. actually I'm going to send you some money so you could possibly get that vagina of yours turned into a penis. That might help you with your infatuation with my body parts. Until then you will be referred to as saggy labia. Saggy labia Eric. Damn right. Trump train. Woot woot
  8. You sure are enamored with my balls. Does your wife know your fascination with the male anatomy? She might find it disturbing but I don't. Let's hook up sometime and I will let you meet them. ;-) But there's not a member of this board that had it bad. So nobody here really knows.
  9. I guess my question is if I had it so easy early on in life why am I not struggling now? Hell I've made some of the worst Life Choices anybody could possibly make and I'm not having any problem getting by. LOL. ( did I were that forceful enough so as to keep my tough-guy image?)
  10. Absolutely. I need three credible Witnesses though. :-) Oh and you better watch the ball reference. Fudgie will brand you a tough guy. Who am I playing the victim too? Never claimed to be a victim. That's more for somebody your body type. :-) not mine.
  11. That's the funny thing. He doesn't understand. I've had a beer with Kevin. one day we got through with a tense back and forth in this thread and then he got a Carfax for me.. I've spoken to Erik on several occasions and would gladly have a beer with him. Timo has touched me intimately. Hell Greg you and I are about as close of friends as a grandfather and a grandson could be. I have had off thread conversations with Alain . Do I get passionate about my politics? Damn right I do. I think that's what politics is about. Differences. What he doesn't understand is that at the end of the day we are all still a small group of friends. Hell families don't get along all the time, why should we.
  12. show me anything in that thread that was tough guy. Once again you just try to make yourself relevant by butting into something that is none of your business. I was answering Eric question had nothing to do with you. I find your fixation with me both disturbing and kind of exciting. Would you like my phone number? Kevin, in 1984 minimum wage was 335 an hour. I brought home less than $100 a week. You tell me how I could have paid for my college my rent my electricity my insurance in my car on that. Please, explain that to me. I'm not sure how but but fudgies going to try to turn this into a tough guy statement. Let's see how he spins it. I know he'll be sniffing around my butt any second now.
  13. I'll explain to anybody but you. You don't even have a right to know you don't vote. You're just one of those complainers that love to complain about everything but don't want to be any part of the change that needs to come to make it happen. That's what I'm going to call you complainer no balls to vote Erik.. Lol ok. You read about it and I lived it but you know more. LOL there was no minimum wage job that would pay somebody through college. That you're just being ignorant.
  14. Now that is an ignorant statement right there Kevin. Cmon man. Do you really think anyone could go to college back in the day on a part time job? You do understand that things were cheaper BUT the dollar was worth less right? We got further ahead because as a whole, we worked harder. We didn't grow up in a society that expected things handed to them. We didn't take jobs at Mcdonalds thinking one day we would be able to afford a house. We worked at McDonalds as we furthered our educations or as a stop gap job until we found something better. We did have it good. America was great then. With trumps help it will be again. Wooooot woooooot. You wouldn't know what it looks like. ;)
  15. Better yet, mind your own business. Discussion didn't have anything to do with you and you had to try to make yourself relevant by butting in. Now butt your little ass out and let the adults talk here. Don't waste your time arguing with the mongoloid Kevin. Nobody is going to be able to tell you what your wife reacts to and doesn't react to except you and her. Hope she gets to feeling better regularly. I hope your foster parents cut you off.
  16. I am down with that. We have become a country of entitled pussies that think they shouldn't have to work.
  17. That's because you are a little napoleanic bastard that has to have high regard for himself because nobody outside his mother thinks he was worth the feeble squirt that made him. When the words "punk ass" were initially put together, the originator had no idea how perfectly it would describe you. Anytime you want to debate you bring your scrawny ass in the forum and I will gladly make you cry. PS- I have one more word for you but I cant remember what it was.............oh yeah PUSSY!
  18. Now that's rich right there. The shallowest little pussy in the history of vs has spoken. Timo and I were playing around hoping to get a response from a little sissy ass bitch and we were not disappointed. ;) Thanks for the laugh little man. To reiterate just in case anyone else might have the low mental capacity of Mr Daley (doubtful I know). Timo and I were JOKING. It was a JOKE. Not quite sure how that wasn't obvious to ALL but Timo still loves me and I still love him in ways that you could only imagine.
  20. Fuck you Timo you half wit little motherfucker. I spent the first half of my life kicking and spitting on your kind. I damn sure don't mind spending the second half ripping out your eyes and skullfucking you on a daily basis. You pussy foot around this forum like you know what you are talking about but your only experience comes from the internet. I hope your real parents (yes I know you were adopted) gave you up for some fucked up reason and maybe, just maybe there is still hope that you too will get hooked on the marijuana just like they were and die of the aids just like all the other marijuana users out there. ps- Call me if you get that boost issue figured out.
  21. I don't insult the ignorant. I just troll them. Maybe that's why you don't feel insulted?
  22. Was not aware of that. You threw me a curve ball there.