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  1. I don't know Erik. You can just NOT make a difference there also. It will just be on a much smaller scale. ;)
  2. No, Obama still holds that crown. Him and Jimmy Carter EXACTLY!
  3. Hillary lied and Americans died. Trump train baby. woooooooot woooooooooot
  4. For someone that has no say in an election you sure follow closely. Its so you can find something to bitch and complain about isnt it. lol
  5. Was going to go enkies but I sold the BBK at a crazy profit. Plan is back to the new set of Comets for the 850R
  6. Woooooot woooooooot That can be said of every politician since the cavemen, LOL, I guess if you want to believe. ;)
  7. Doubtful but ok. No its mocking someone because you don't have the same beliefs. Maybe you should turn your back to it and ignore it as you do the voting booth when election time comes again. Just because you don't believe something doesn't make it silly or stupid.
  8. Kevin and Erik don't understand what you are saying. Let me break it down for them. Matt isn't doubting the wind exists. That would align more with you two. He is saying you"know" it exists not because YOU scientifically proved it but you have FAITH that someone did. Why is that so hard to understand? So what you are saying is "I don't believe it so I will compare it to some ignorant scenario to justify my disbelief. I find your closed mindedness refreshing as it makes me relize that my mind isn't as closed as it could be.
  9. Its all he's got. Cut him some slack.
  10. Going fast is cool but stopping is sexy as hell!
  11. Said I wasn't going to do it but I did. All 4 for less than $465. Going on the red 850R. Now to decide between red and gold.
  12. Is this something we really wanted made public in this forum son? What the fuck did you just say?
  13. Do you want me to expose holes in the fenders Greg? Cuz that's how you expose holes in the fenders. ;) How can you not like OEM side markers?
  14. More like a slow roller to third.
  15. See, what had happen was........
  16. Probably the same bathroom Hitler and Woody use.
  17. Just having fun with you Erik. And you can completely substantiate for fact that Atheists have never caused a death? You are warping fact and fiction to justify what you believe in just as you think the opposite side is doing. Its your choice to believe that there is no higher power affecting our lives. The fact is you cant truly know which group is correct and which group is led by ignorance. That is where I am going. I don't attend church but I CHOOSE to believe just as you choose not to. Just don't justify your non belief by acting like atrocities played any part in it. Fact is you choose not to believe because it works for you. Not because you spend sleepless nights weeping for the victims of religious crimes. So in your mind Jim Jones represents ALL religion? That is very small minded from such a well rounded dude like yourself. Also can you please substantiate where you read JJ was the "Ultimate Christian" or is that just what you and your atheist friends believe. Woody Allan is the ultimate atheist and he had sex with his daughter. Should we even talk about that atheist named Hitler. I think he might have caused a death or 2.......
  18. Cmon Erik. Questions end in question marks. ;) So in your mind. Religion kills more people than any other cause of death in the world? Wow, you are really drinking that Atheist koolaid now.
  19. If religion is nothing more than a moral compass for those that fear hell then it has done more for humanity then anything(you?) atheists believe in.