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  1. Trump train wooooooot woooot. Keep saying it cant happen bitches. We will stop to drink your tears when its over.
  2. But you do choose to disparage the candidates you don't agree with and voice your opinion on political discussions that you have given up the right to influence because you don't step up and vote? I guess that is the right that the government you don't believe in gave you. Playing the race card? Really? never pictured you a lemur...
  3. Takes Alan (Tech) under 30 minutes to remove an 850 dash. Me, over an hour.
  4. 97. One owner bone stock 181K
  5. And just like that. Number 25 is in route to me.
  6. Spoken like a Hillary lovin card carrying liberal. ;) Trump may not get the Pub nod but it wont be because anything those 2 turds did.
  7. Damn fudgie. Just say "gotcha last" and stop!
  8. We drop a stink(y) round these parts.
  9. It is quasi-illegal in most U.S. jurisdictions (as in you can only be arrested if you are told to leave and don't), and in some it is illegal, but even there, it's a case of it's not a problem until it's a problem -- that is, it's not a problem until someone decides to raise a stink. When did that become law? ;) No, he has it pretty much nailed.
  10. How many sex offenders are using the opposite sex bathrooms without getting their ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD beat or arrested? None.
  11. Liar liar pants on fire. Your grammar is very suck though too.
  12. I bet he is going to sleep better tonight now. ;)
  13. I truly hope you were being sarcastic when you typed that.
  14. See how easy it is for all to agree on something?
  15. its the hangar. Imma go with no. ;)
  16. But you do take the exact embodiment of anything that Trump says. You really don't see what a hypocrite that makes you? Gary Gant 2016. I will build a wall around Kevin and supply guns and bitches to all that have a hankering. Make America as great as me. Write me in!
  17. By loose he means broken off. He acquired it that way. ;)
  18. So its crazy to want? You must be insane. fixed it for you. If that's code for worthless piece of shit then I am onboard.
  19. That would be awesome. Then when all the liberal pussies need protection we can look over the wall and grin.
  20. Next there will be a guy that wants to be a monkey. The law will say that if he wants to jack off in front of people and throw shit at you like a monkey, he can do that. Its his God given right.