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  1. You dont wear Members Only jackets for disco night...those nights are reserved for a little something more special...Thriller!!!
  2. Ahh...Bill Ayers .. Well this being said "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter". Not to promote Ayers, but Ayers was an anti-war activist. He stood for anti-corruption and democracy in its purest form. Sure he was involved in bomb-plots but in other nations, that is considered nothing short of a hero..Fidel Castro was a hero to those who wanted change in Cuba to end corruption in the late 1950's..unfortunatley he FAILED. Look at Obama's mentors..MLK, Malcolm X, Mohandas Ghandi, etc..these are all extremists to some ponit, but men who died for a cause and men who werent affraid to initiate action. Its understandable that Obama admires this quality, as he is one to initiate action himself. I give the man credit for sticking to his guns, I just do not agree with his followers.
  3. Proposition 8...to all married men out there..we all know about same sex marriages..weve been having the same sex for years..dammit!
  4. The WW3 thread was a prediction on challenges the Obama administration will face and the end result of those challenges based on his advisory staff.
  5. "It seems that the republican party is in a very difficult spot right now. What happened to the intellectual republican? Upholding real American values, those practiced by the founding fathers, constitution etc.?" His name was Ron Paul and the republican party was too chicken-stuff to nominate him. He would have fared the best chance against Obama and would have made the debate a true intellectual experience. monkey..they got what they want..
  6. In commemoration of last night's victory, KFC will be giving away free 6 piece meals in honor of Obama. Then free hookers and blow. 20" rims on the motorcade?
  7. wrong president..he's gonna have us all driving hybrids
  8. If you have done nothing wrong, but are interested in seeking "global opinions" on truth and something major goes down "I don’t know..maybe another Weather Underground movement" then you may be targeted and harrassed based on association because of the Patriot Act. In all honesty it doesn’t matter anyway..they will get you one way or another..
  9. So your saying its ok to have the Patriot Act enforced? 9/11 in your opinion was formulated by those detained in Guantanamo? Or at least having Guantanamo around assisted in preventing another 9/11?
  10. In all honesty (according to Chris Rock), Palin would make a nice first lady and compliment the Obama campaign better than Obama's current wife. I agree that a white wife would have made Obama a more appealing candidate. Michelle Obama just looks like a straight oh yeah&#33;. Is America ready for a black first lady?...I guess his wife is the only source of black American in Obama
  11. So you honestly thing the masses would let this go unhitched?
  12. Do you know what will occur if he looses...Marshall Law implented due to mass rioting (which has been confirmed by many)..Police stations around the country are gearing up for this event..Ive heard many stories ranging from calling Obama's election unconstitutional (from him not being American) to just blatantly appointing McCain as the winner due to voter fraud (electronic rerouting votes)--but either way something is bound to rattle this election. And when it goes down, it wont be pretty..I would picture LA riot-style rioting on a grand scale.
  13. Reinstatement of the draft w/ Isreali provisions (meaning men and women)?
  14. Once Obama is in office, how long before we see an escalated conflict with Venenzuela? It is apparent that Obama is not fond of Chavez, and of course we all know Brzezinski (Obama's go-to guy and the real Democratic foreign policy advisor--not Biden) would prefer Putin dead. Since the Georgian conflict, Venenzuelan/Russian relations have escalated and there have even been talks about Russia building Nuclear reactors for Chavez. Since 2005, Venezuela has agreed to buy more than US$4.4 billion worth of weapons from Russia including fighter jets, combat helicopters, and 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles (this of course was in retaliation to the US not wanting to assist in selling the parts Venenzuela needs to service the US made equiptment they posess). Could Venenzuela be the Cuba that Russia always wanted (without the welfare-state Russia created--Cuba was getting cheap petrol in turn for sugar and tobacco exports--which equates to stuff really)?
  15. White hispanics are hispanics of European origin (Germans living in Argentina speak Spanish, therefore they are White Hispanics), not ones who "think" they are white. Keep in mind "spanish" is a language that Americans try to generalize into a subculture. In spanish-speaking countries, the demographic is either of European decent (small population of the country), African decent (usually only coastal Latin American countries had African breeds), Indigenous decent (depending on what country the demographics are being drawn from--Ex: Chile) or a hybrid of all 3 (generally the majority of the population.