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  1. nari

    Project Pras

    I guess most people won't even remember me, I wasn't that frequent here or done huge things, but man it feels great to randomly come back here (like 3rd time in the past 8 years) and see familiar faces. In the past 8 years I parted out my 850, built a 964 T5 a 945 T5. Currently having a 965 on coilovers, ad08 tyres starting a manual swap and preparing for T6 swap as well. Now I miss my 850.
  2. no pictures unfortunately. We used standard floppy cables. Anyway, it seems there were some hardware issues. FPR vac line was off, TB linkage came undone... the joys of having custom made parts. Car is in pieces now, so will test it later. But I'm 90% positive the faults will be gone :)
  3. I had been following your XC build from the very beginning... and was bummed to see it go. But, man, the replacement is really promising! Can't wait what else You do with it. It must be nice to have car which has wide variety of aftermarket parts.. readily available. :)
  4. I'll might have a problem with that... it's been hot glued already :( Inspected it before gluing and everything seemed okay...
  5. Nope, no changes were made. I did some logged runs, but I have to analyze them more. Every time I lift off and let it idle (so no deccel, it is rollin in neutral or came to a full stop) it just goes super rich. I have to add, the ECU don't see speed signal, or clutch switch. Thats why I hope I'll see a DTC for something obvious...
  6. Now that You guys mention Ostrich........ I have one finally, yay. But the car has been behaving oddly since we installed it. I'm using the same bin I had been using before, but on deccel it goes really rich to the point where it chokes on fuel. Idle afr is odd, sometimes it is around 15.2 which is fine, but sometimes it goes lean, above 16 afr, for no obvious reason (sitting on idle, didn't touch anything..) Cruising is perfect, midrange is perfect. WOT is a disaster. No matter what I do, around 4k rpm it goes lean again. (440cc & AEM HP pump and only runnig about 12psi on a 18G, so it is not) I don't have the CEL light wired up (I know... I know...) and only the K-line is hooked up on the OBD port.... First task is to fix these and check what CEL I have. Because, narrow o2 is also acting up, gives a steady signal. Replaced the sensor, problem is still there. So the problem is somewhere else. My wiring was custom made by me, but checked it over and over again, it is perfect. oh no, the first task is to fix the busted M90 gearbox. THere is something wrong with the engagement and it is almost impossible to put it in 1st or 3rd... Anyway... if You guys have any idea about the ostrich related stuff, let me know.
  7. I had almost turned a standard 6g hatch into a VR4.. but bought an 850 instead
  8. Ggod, I want a 6g VR4... is it Yours?
  9. that cluster looks amazing! I love the highlighted area around your current speed. Why tow truck for a flat? There is no spare tyre?
  10. correct
  11. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to change the RPM signal to the tacho values/multiplier. I have a t5 in my 940 running on TMM9's cop conversion but I don't have a tacho... tbh it is not even wired in, but It wouldn't work correctly, because it was originally a 4cyl car. Any ideas? Thanks, Peter
  12. Finally I was able to test Aaron's COP conversion. I am impressed with the start up. This engine haven't started up this fast before <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I still have to wire in the fuel pump relay (currently its a switch..) and I can test is some more I just can't embed...
  13. Missing a few bits, but getting there