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  1. I'll never understand why the americans let their children see violence and gore on the tv and on the other hand a naked breast is the worst thing in the world... immature behavoir ? W T F ? most readers here are mature. Let them eat pu... Sam
  2. In my eyes still the best bang for the buck ! Even if it pulls not that hard as many think (say). I only regret that i didn't modified the turbo when i did the change (port and different wheel). Sam
  3. I'm on Shell V Power 100 octane all day and there is NO difference to 98 (91 in the U.S.A ?) octane fuel. They made a test with an optimized (can handle 100+ octane) Audi V8 motor to check out if the octane number can give you more power... was not worth speaking about. Here for a tuned car 98 octane are enough. Anything else is luxury... Sam
  4. Sure a 19T would perform better up top than a 15G but it has also a bigger lag. That's the major reason why i still have my 16T. I have about 270 ft.lbs. from 2000 rpm to 6000 with 295 peak at about 4100. Here in the mountains early torque is important. Sam
  5. Well 450 NM are nice for the mods you have ! Hp is not that important because it's only a "product" of torque and rpm. The longer you have much torque, the higher your hp numbers. If you have torque from low rpm to high rpm you have a fast car For a manual no problem in my opinion. Get a race clutch and enjoy the power. Sam
  6. Thats correct. Wish to have that at the crank Sam
  7. OT on: The tuned LPT is fast at lower speeds but you never get a T5 ! If the T5 is also done the difference is huge from 3000-6000 rpm. OT off: Hoses look great. I await my blue Samcos since 7 weeks hope they arrive soon Sam
  8. Well no reason to be disappointed ! Mine had 278.7 hp EWG what are 285 hp Din 70020. Most guys i know here in Switz run 18-19 psi to reach 290 and more hp. Numbers are numbers but how the car performs on the street is somthing different. I use my car everyday, 35 000 - 40 000 km a year. It's no problem to tune up a car to much hp but reliability is much more important to me. when i had 240 hp i was bored after one week, when i had 275 hp i was bored after a week. Now i have 285 and i'm still bored Sit back, relax and enjoy your car ! intercooler and bigger turbo are the easiest way to get more power... but for my car it's too late. Sad but true Sam Edit: Torque is a bit low with 280 ft.lbs. = 380 NM. Mine has 295 ft.lbs. which are also not really very special . But with the automatic transmission you can't tune it to much more. The best i saw here where 420 NM or so for an auto. Manuals should be 420 up to 480... with Chip, 16T, down pipe and exhaust !
  9. :lol: this thread saved my evening. The "do it yourself tuners" gone wild... :D
  10. I wonder how long 16T with 20 psi hold will work... 20 psi to 6500 rpm ? in your dreams The turbo specialist here in Switzerland says 300 hp with an 16T at the crank !. It's always a question how long things have to work. Sam
  11. <_< sometimes i wonder that you guys have the same hp at the wheel that we have at the crank with the same mods we have in Europe... Sam
  12. Red ! It's an eyecatcher... man let the people see your Porsches ! Sam
  13. atechmotor rocks. Very special car. 500 bhp that's about twice as much as i have how many NM does it have ? Sam
  14. This Car kicks a.. ! Very nice pics. I love it :)
  15. one week after service i have the same feeling... Don't forget that a turbo car isn't runing that fine in summer like in winter. It's all about cool air ! 35 degree C are not really optimal... I don't know if others also have this problem but i can feel a huge difference between summer and winter. I like temperatures below 5 degree C modded intercooler and water injection may help ?! Sam