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  1. i got the email, im sorry i dont know much about the endlinks though, I only need the front set correct? And my car is completely stock suspension wise and i have no problems with anything, is it still worth getting these end links? sorry for all the questions, just tryin to understand it before i buy it..
  2. you dont "need" a fmic to make 300whp... it would make things easier though, and ur car wont have much loss in power from the fluctuations of tempetures.
  3. what'd u have done to ur m3? i used to have a 328is with some things here and there...
  4. Hey, i showed up just for the track, it was fun meeting some other volvo people... I estimated a time of high 14's and thats what i got, i only ran 2 times then just parked and both times i got a 14.8 at 96 mph. Everyone seemed pretty cool, i'll definately come to some meets whenever i'm back home in tampa (breaks, summer, random weekends, etc.) cause comming from tallahassee its a little too far lol.
  5. k, i'll give u a call when i leave but its a 4 hr drive from tallahassee lol, i'll leave here exactly at 3:21 (my friend gets out of class at 3:20) and we'll head for orlando. I have like 2 friends from tampa that are meeting me at the track (non-volvo people). one has a wrx STI and the other has an eclipse GST. Hopefully it doesnt rain, im driving 8 hrs in one night for this thing haha.
  6. Well im gonna go friday night for the track and meet some of you guys, but i dont think i'll stay the night or for the build up thing. So, im gonna plan on getting to the track when it opens and stay until it closes, prob run my car a couple times too, havnt run it so i am hoping for mid to high 14's... I def want to check out other volvo's!
  7. i'll know wed. if i can go or not, i really want to check out some volvo's so i can see which direction (performance wise) i would want to go with my car.
  8. cool thanks, I am gonna put myself down for a maybe on this one... i'll have to wait and see how my schedule is gonna be as the time gets closer to the 8th
  9. what time does the track open on that friday? i'd like to go and meet some volvo people, maybe stay the night if i could find a place, I dont think i'd be there for all 3 days if i went though...
  10. do these work with the stock headlight assembly or do you need to get projectors, crystals, or whatever?
  11. cool, thats my plan then I am thinking about starting out with 3" down pipe and rica chip, then i will finish the exhaust later when i get the money... After that i probably will do turbo and remap, then fmic and bov... that is the order i thought up in my head lol. I wanted chip first but i dont want to kill my turbo now (heard it is bad with stock down pipe), that is why i will get down pipe at the same time. Seem ok? sorry, im not stealing thread, im borowing a chunk of it ;)
  12. random question... you are running the 19t at 18psi with stock internals right? My goal is to have low 300whp and am thinking about getting 19t, 3" turbo back, fmic, and rica chip... I do not want to have to mess with internals lol