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  1. thanks man. ill do that once i know it, or if i can use a computer and post it here.
  2. that sig pic ROFLING!!!!!! i leave tomorrow for boot camp but i gotta stay in the hotel tonight :P
  3. well guys, today is the day. ill try and get on to see whats going on soon. much love for the TXC!!!!
  4. sweet, cant wait haha yea what he said, you where jus snapping pics like no tomrrow
  5. any one else up for some guitar hero, reid you wana go? drew, ill give you some Jim Beam to get you going :D
  6. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Sep 24 2006, 05:16 PM) ←Drew, love the wagon......thanks again And let's see some pics already well pics....... we took some movies with drews camera but im not sure where he went?
  7. yea ok, Darn i wana play GH again!!!!! Darn you drew now im leaving and i cant play it
  8. WTf haha 6 hours?!?!?!?! yea good times. poking drew, the dog kept playing play even though leg was broken.... oh man, you ready for some guitar hero reid? what time did you go to sleep? i got home in like 40 min i took 30 all the way to 35 then i was home :)
  9. or 9.3, he was messing with his Civinco so idk. yall ready for some speedzone?
  10. hell no, the TX meets are a bunch of pimp jerk volvo guys showing how we roll!!!! sorry we dont do it like CA he will have one soon!! so chillax, you cant talk yet, sunday sunday sunday
  11. well here goes 60ft-2.67 330ft-7.46 1/8et-11.3 1/8mph-63.1 the best time of the whole night was sean with 9.5 against a newer GTO, go sean!!! oh dare i say reid got the slip on sean once
  12. haha true that, you think that 300zx is still out there?
  13. speed zone at 3 race for a while then trek to your house for food then photo shoot!!!! 11.3 fools, what you know bout that :lol: